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  1. Dirt Bike Extreme - another game made with Unity. Took about 2 months to complete. Take part in extreme motorcycle races across the dangerous and challenging tracks. Dirt Bike Extreme is easy to pick up but hard to master. Race, jump and crash your way and other mad rivals through the amazing tracks as you master the skills and physics of motocross in this high-speed racing adventure. Conquer challenging routes on 23 different runs, discover new bikes and become the best of the best! Over 257K downloads already! Windows Version: https://www.gametop.com/download-free-games/dirt-bike-extreme/ Mac Version: https://www.macstop.com/games/dirt-bike-extreme/
  2. Our first racing project - Supercars Racing. Took over 4 months to complete. Simple AI and physics. Just tried to play with Unity3D and to make something nice looking. Game Description: Enjoy dizzying races on the world's most varied and exotic racetracks. Challenge the most desperate and ruthless racers on the planet and become the undisputed champion. Graphics from the game: renders of levels and cars > Windows Version: Download Free Full Version for Windows or Mirror to Download Windows Version > Mac Version: Download Free Full Version for Mac or Mirror to Download Mac Game
  3. After a technological disaster, most of the world's population is turned into zombies. The cities are in ruins, but a small percentage of people survived, and are now hiding in shelters. You one of the survivors and your task is to protect your shelter from the crowds of zombies and bloodthirsty mutants. Over 1.2M downloads already! > Windows Version: Download Free Full Version for Windows PC > Mac Version: Download Free Full Version for Mac > Mirror to Windows Version - just in case: Download Windows Version Game from Mirror
  4. Off-Road Super Racing is an action-packed truck racing game for those who love the speed and competition. Race your way through the championship mode, or just play free with the single races. Over 1M downloads already! > Windows Version: Download Free Full Version Game for Windows > Mac Version: Download Free Full Version Game for Mac Just added more renders from the game - cars and levels with some info about development of this game:https://www.behance.net/gallery/61617087/Offroad-Super-Racing
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