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  1. This is a technique I employed with decent success this past summer, in developing 96MILL   I went for a short-form first-person adventure, few mechanics, photography instead of modeling. Used the existing engine tech i'd already sunk for a more complex project. Managed to bring it from concept to release in three months.
  2. @Navyman Thanks, We went with the publisher we worked with for getting two of our back-catalog titles on steam - StrategyFirst
  3. ...and on sale, 15% off! [color=rgb(29,33,41)][font='Helvetica Neue'] http://store.steampowered.com/app/561480/[/font][/color]
  4. Thanks Ashaman! ...and thanks for all of the great testing you did! -Raymond
  5. Thanks Navyman! That first slide is a youtube video, with a bit of gameplay; but you're right i need to change the height, thanks! The game is written in a fork of the 'Revel Editor' which is a custom ide/engine pair written in C# and HTML5. ...so you might say it was written in the '96 MILL Editor' This set of technology is what we're referring to as our '4th generation engine' no real snazzy name; and it is designed to be forked and modified (and reintegrated) per game, in the interest of not trying to create an 'all things to everything' game engine, where you end up spending a lot of time trying to square features across an ever growing catalog of games. Our current focus, as of 2016 has been to focus on 2-3-4 month release length projects, rather than larger monolithic releases.
  6. We've been hard at work on a new, horror themed game for Halloween. This journey has taken just over 3 months of constant work, and it's finally ready. The old mill is now available to be explored; Get it now at 25% off for a special launch sale. Learn more and play at: https://edigames.com/app/96Mill
  7. Hiya Navyman! We're working with the publisher for our existing titles (on steam) on an eventual release of 96 Mill on steam.
  8. Greetings All! For those of you that were looking for screenshots, gameplay video and just more info concerning 96 Mill; The product page on edigames.com is now live! http://edigames.com/app/96Mill
  9. Hiya Eck, We actually haven't taken many in-game screenshots, or gameplay video at this point. Aside from the obvious reason of mostly focusing on finishing the game; with each beta release it looks better, sounds better and plays better. So when we prepare the materials we want it to look the best it can. And while of course we're going to release some screen shots and a gameplay compilation, we don't want to give away too much, as a large part of the game is coming upon yet unseen locations. We currently have a bunch of youtube and news site reviewers primed for release of the game. So our plan is to get it on the website, along with some screen shots and video; and then give it to reviewers. As those reviews start to go live we'll engage the community and keep an eye on any technical problems.
  10. Greetings All, Just wanted to mention that 96 Mill is nearing the end of it's beta phase, and will be out for release soon! If folks are looking for a last minute beta peek, please message me today or tomorrow (Friday) with an email address. Feels good to be near the release phase!
  11. "In EDI Games' upcoming 96 Mill, players are sent in to assist a demolitions expert in bringing down a building with a troubled history of scandal and mysterious disappearances. What could go wrong? If you're an adventure gamer (and you are), here's hoping the answer is "plenty!" when the new horror adventure from the creator of STATIC: Investigator Training is released this fall." Full story at AdventureGamers.com
  12. awesome, just PM me your email and I'll get you a key :)
  13. @Navyman   yup, it runs on windows, linux, osx, ios, android, surface