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  1. Felis Nigripes

    Blender doesn't bake textures - and Unity doesn't show them

    Sorry it took me so long to reply. I tried to test the models on another computer, realized it didn't have unity installed, didn't have the time, in short: last few days were a mess. Here are two files. They're the main culprits. If you have the time, maybe have a look at them, thanks for the reply. Asrastic man1.blend Asrastic woman11.blend
  2. Hi there! Recently, I've been having problems with Blender not showing textures in unity. It only occurs on a bunch of models that I recently did. At first I suspected the problem was the base model I created the characters from, but I tested it and it seemed ok. The problem originates in Blender though, because I can't even bake the textures: Here it only affects the UV map when I add vertices (creating this "stripy" look)... ...while this one is a complete mess Not sure if these issues are related or different. I'll be glad if you could help
  3. Felis Nigripes

    NPC daily routine

    I've considered it. Transitioning when the work is still in progress is, I think, a bad idea, but when I finished this I will definitely take a look at unreal. Thanks for the feedback. I've made it work as good as I can. The NPCs appear, do their thing and disappear as expected now. There aren't enough to affect the performance just yet. I shall see how that plays out.
  4. Felis Nigripes

    New here, have music, feedback much appreciated!

    As far as I can judge these are great. You're really nailing the soft crescendos and occasional changes in mood, so it doesn't get boring. I think it's important is that game soundtrack never gets too dominant. You can not be careful enough about this. But you're on a good path. Do you have specific games in mind for these? Somehow I get some outlast vibes from the first one. Keep it up!
  5. Felis Nigripes

    NPC daily routine

    Sorry, I should put it more precisely. It's the other way round. I have a prefab in the inspector. The prefab has a script attached to it. But I can't assign gameobjects from the hierarchy to the script in the inspector. I wanted to spawn the prefab with the variables assigned. I've heard several times that instantiating and destroying is pretty bad performance-wise. It's just very practical sometimes, but I will take your advice and largely stick to activate/deactivate.
  6. Felis Nigripes

    NPC daily routine

    I checked the table and it turns out the NPC needed a rigidbody. Works fine now. Thanks for that (: After another day of testing I figured it out, sort of. I tried it with triggers for a while, but the problem seemed to be in the way the waypoint system works. It stops every movement when the NPC gets deactivated/destroyed/stopped. There's a function buried deep in one of the scripts called StartMovement. It gets the NPC going again. Follow-up question: I Is there a discernable reason why I can't assign public gameobjects to a prefab? This seems like an unnecassary restriction to me. Is there a workaround for this? Generally, I'm suspicious towards leaving objects in the scene all the time and I'd prefer instantiate/destroy.
  7. Felis Nigripes

    NPC daily routine

    Hi! I'm trying to create a daily routine for an NPC in Unity. It should start at 9 am to move to a certain point, stay there for a while, move back and - ideally - despawn. I'm using the "simple waypoint system" I tried several approaches but ran into problems every time: 1 - NPCs stop moving when deactivated and reactivated. 2 - Same goes for instantiating and destroying. 3 - The Waypoint systems "stop" function stops everything. The NPC is incapable of moving afterwards. The pause function would require to put in a float value, which would be nastiest kind of hardcoding, since it doesn't correlate to the time of day. I don't like to discard it, it's actually a good system. And lastly: For some weird reason the OnTriggerEnter function doesn't recognize my tags (except Player). This should be easy, right? I spent an entire day failing at every attempt. I'd be glad if someone could helß (:
  8. Felis Nigripes

    Game crashes on startup

    Took your advice and removed two null reference errors. It works now, thanks (: Follow-up question: Since when does unity care about these errors? If they changed the settings, I would like to change them back. All I want is quickly throw out a game file for testing purposes every now and then, without a crash. And the splash screen doesn't tell you anything. Or is it maybe a technical issue? Edit: Actually, scratch that. It did work when I activated multiple children, but crashes when I activate others, not like before when it didn't matter. At least it's a change. Maybe now I can hone in on what might cause the error.
  9. Felis Nigripes

    Game crashes on startup

    This is the gameobject I "have to" deactivate for the game to work: Whenever I activate it or any child the crash occurs. It never used to be the case. Previous versions handled all my stuff perfectly well. It doesn't give me an error message. There has to be something that I missed. Concerning null reference: One thing that occured is that I didn't assign all variables for the NPC ambient speech. The script tells the animator to play the sound when the animation is triggered. If you think that is the problem, I'll try to fix it and see how it goes. But why would that be? Unity never used to act that way. Did I miss something in the recent release notes?
  10. Felis Nigripes

    Game crashes on startup

    Hello! I've been having issues with my game. It crashes on startup and shows me the crash handler menu (the splash screen with the exclamation mark), which disappears after a few seconds. It must have something to do with a specific game object. Whenever I activate it or a child of it, it crashes. It only works once I completely deactivate it. I realize unity changed some of its mechanics (I think you can't build a game with certain errors anymore), but this is just utterly confusing. I'll post screenshots if you want. I'd be thankful for some enlightenment.
  11. Felis Nigripes

    Build error in Unity

    I thought this forum to be most fitting for this question. Basically, I can't build my game. It throws this error every time: It only happens with my main scene, which is fairly big, so I initially assumed it was too big, but even deleting most of the assets for testing purposes didn't help. In the Unity forum they said it was an issue with the beta and it would be resolved when the new version comes out (2018.1 if I remember correctly). But I don't really have the time and wondered if there isn't possibly any solution to this. It happened previously with another version of Unity. I resolved it by saving the file directly to a flash drive, since apparently Unity wanted to write over some files it was currently using, unless you switched hard drive. Now it appeared again and I'm at a loss. I'd be thankful for some help
  12. Felis Nigripes

    Thoughts on 3d Characters/Problems with hands

    Working my way forward. I moved the thumb back, so now it actually aligns with the bone. I'm gonna try to change the position of the wrist and see how it goes. And check out the weight painting. I will definitely continue work on the blank base model so the new characters have the improved shapes too. But to be honest, I don't know how many more characters I will make. I may resort more often to good old cloning in the future. Maybe I will just take my time improving them bit by bit, putting in some practice along the way and making them unique at the same time. I do the same with animations. Every character has their own unique set of animations. I'm convinced that it makes a difference in the end result. You may not notice it, but your subconscious sure does.
  13. I'll give that a try, thanks
  14. I got it! Not sure how though. I tried a public gameobject before and it didn't work. Perhabs it's because I never removed the private reference line in the start function. Maybe this blocked out the public reference, thus creating the error. Weirdly enough I put it back in for tests sake and it still worked. It's mysterious to me, but it's working now. Thanks for the help. I will definitely try this out, thanks.
  15. I sort of figured it out: @NypyrenYou were right, the script can't access the textholder if it's deactivated, even if I assign it in the editor. Since I have my text inside the quest menu, which is deactivated by default, it can not be accessed at all. Kinda sucks I could of course just put the xp counter on screen at all time, but then I wouldn't have my neat little menu where all the information is stored. Haven't decided yet wether to just roll with it or find some clumsy workaround. Any ideas?
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