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  1. I got it! Not sure how though. I tried a public gameobject before and it didn't work. Perhabs it's because I never removed the private reference line in the start function. Maybe this blocked out the public reference, thus creating the error. Weirdly enough I put it back in for tests sake and it still worked. It's mysterious to me, but it's working now. Thanks for the help. I will definitely try this out, thanks.
  2. I sort of figured it out: @NypyrenYou were right, the script can't access the textholder if it's deactivated, even if I assign it in the editor. Since I have my text inside the quest menu, which is deactivated by default, it can not be accessed at all. Kinda sucks I could of course just put the xp counter on screen at all time, but then I wouldn't have my neat little menu where all the information is stored. Haven't decided yet wether to just roll with it or find some clumsy workaround. Any ideas?
  3. The spelling is correct. I checked a dozen times. And I made the XPCounter a gameobject on purpose. Before that it was a UI, and I suspected I wouldn't be able to access that by a gameobject reference. Maybe referencing a UI would help?
  4. I'm doing a test quest. The player gets a quest from an NPC to bring him fish. Once the player picks up the fish, the original NPC gets replaced by a new one with a new conversation trigger. The NPC tells the Player "Well done" and should give 200xp. The script tells the xp counter to go up by making a reference to the gameobject that holds the text component But it throws this error: I'm aware that the error may hide in plain sight. I just have to sort this out, since I'm writing the AI at the same time, and the time it takes to resolve everyone of these errors is tremendous. Plus, I think I'll learn something. I've been having trouble with some basic functionalities recently. There might be something wrong with my understanding on how programming works. Glad if someone could help (: Edit: I'm fully aware that the update function requires an input. I call the function in the editor when the dialogue ends, it still doesn't work.
  5. Thoughts on 3d Characters/Problems with hands

    Yes, they're kind of a mess. As of now, I change them so often that I never bother to scale them correctly, but that will come in time. I worked on the hands a little, or more specifically the fingers, and I'm quite satisfied with the result: The fingers are still crooked, but they're straighter and follow the movement of the metarig more precisely. I took a look at the pictures Scouting Ninja posted and adjusted them accordingly As for the wrists: I'm still working on it. I have to do inbetween coding, animating, setting the scenes up and getting my life together. If everything fails, I'll just leave it at that and make it work somehow.
  6. Innovative character Inventory systems

    Remember assassin's creed 1? It had a very basic inventory system, you only had a handful of weapons and quest items (if I remember correctly, you didn't see those). I always liked the simplicity of that. I don't know how many items you plan to put in your game, but if it's not too many, why not get rid of the interface altogether? If the player carries the weapons visibly on his body, just assign a few keys and there you are. Maybe make them a little more intuitive by making the keys the initial letter of the weapon's name. Today's gamers get spoiled with in-your-face icons, fast travel systems and quest markers. Whatever happened to immersion? Also it may save you a lot of coding. I would have considered this kind of simple solution myself, but I ended up with too much stuff. That's just a few random ideas of mine.
  7. Thoughts on 3d Characters/Problems with hands

    You mean like in the actual scene? Yes, most of them are already implemented. They do walk around, talk and do stuff. I still struggle with writing a complementary AI, which I would prefer over an asset. As of now they're restricted to one activity and maybe a dialogue. @Scouting Ninja That looks like a really good method. I would even be prepared to gradually change every single model if I manage to model better hands. I'll keep you updated. Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it.
  8. Glad to have found this forum. I didn't find any kind of "welcome thread", so I'm just going to say hi right here. Hope you're not to hard on me in the beginning (: I'm developing a classic rpg similar to Gothic/Assassin's Creed. So far it's working out really well. My main issue is that I mostly work alone. I need more outside input to get different perspectives, especially regarding the characters. As of now, I have 119 different models. The workflow is: I take photos of volunteers (mostly friends or aquaintances) and project them on a base 3d model in blender. I'm getting better at this, but there is one thing that turned out a bit of a nightmare, and that is the hands/wrists. I've been painting for years, so I'm fully aware of how hard hands can be. They're getting better gradually, the real problem are the IK bones for the wrists. They always twist in weird ways, but I'm really going for the simple style. If it works, it's half the battle, Keep in mind that I always put my technological level back a few years, because that's much easier. I'm not one for fancy graphics anyway. Love to see your thoughts (:
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