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  1. MRTsquared Productions

    Super Lands

    I don't have any resources to get a game like this done, although it would normally be an easy game to make. I was inspired to make an isometric 2.5D game so I can play a simple game when I'm in study hall at school. I played a lot of Sonic 3D Blast on the GameCube when I was younger and I learned about Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars within the month, plus I also played a lot of Minecraft and Terraria back in their day, so I thought it would be an interesting title to make. Also, just for simplicity and a fun challenge, I'm only using colors from the NES palette. All 54 colors. Since I know only me and only a few others would play the game normally, I figure I would share progress here just for archival purposes. This is a passion project, I'm only designing the game for my usage, but I'm adding online multiplayer anyways so I can hook my friends and do invasion events, stuff like that. The struggle right now is finding time to work, learning how to program, and making pre-rendered 3D models to convert to 2D sprites. But I've made tiles for worlds, a handful of items like swords and metals. And I right now I'm using Defold, even though I cant for the life of me find where to upload my own sprites and tiles. Thanks for reading, I'm doing some work to get this game completed.
  2. MRTsquared Productions

    Super Lands

    Album for Super Lands
  3. MRTsquared Productions


    Album for Conqueration
  4. MRTsquared Productions


    Album for Conqueration
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