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  1. Ok. I will use Unreal Engine... I am just going to trash the programming project due to it being out of date, but I will keep up the heavy development of my RTS game. As I have said time and time again, I wanted to test to see if the code would work...
  2. I do not like the programmable pipeline. I think it is stupid that you have to actually program a new shader and define all of that junk just to have a SQUARE on the screen. I feel it is utterly stupid. Ok then, which one, might I ask, would you think is better for making a FPS game?
  3. Well, It would be cheating on a lower level... I do want to make a RTS game, but I want something to fall back on.... The whole reason I wanted to make a FPS game is because I was "inspired" by Goldeneye 007. I have done a lot of searching and have not been able to find any trace of source code for the game, so that is closed source. The closest I ever got to making a game like Goldeneye is I had a gun that would follow the same ViewMatrix as the camera would in the OpenGL fixed function pipeline.
  4. Well, your halfway right... I was just going to the end of the book to see if the code works....
  5. You are not understanding my point here... I do not like using Unreal Engine or Unity because I feel like it is cheating because I am using an engine created by someone else...
  6. I do not want to use a game engine. I cannot find any tutorials that will demonstrate how to do anything worth doing in Unreal Engine or Unity.
  7. Well, the SDK is 22 years old, so why not? Aslo, is there any licensing that says if I can or not? I do not have/know a lawyer... Which of these things are legal and which are illegal?
  8. I have learned the Nintendo 64 SDK and can compile the code. I also know the entire n64 architecture. I was planning to make a kickstarter and sell it either on the Nintendo eShop and/or Steam game network. Instead of nagging to get people to create an emulator, I know how to make a n64 emulator to make it easier for people to run the game and play it. Are these things legal? Thanks.
  9. I would work on a project for a few weeks then quit...
  10. I have circa 100 projects I have worked on, but a lot of them I have not completed because they are too big and going to school gets in the way. I did make a “complete” RTS engine with multiplayer and a map editor, but I am in the process of converting it to a modern os. I did this in C++ and DirectX. Previously, I made another engine with Java and OpenGL, buuuuut I had to factory reset my desktop and I completely lost the project because my computer was made unusable.
  11. I’m in the process of making a RTS game... I already have the engine I made, I am just designing the game. I am stuck at the impass of artwork.
  12. Do I have to publicly announce the source code, or can I put it safely in a folder and not tell anyone about it?
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