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  1. Tiny Giraffe

    Game design career interview questions

    I finally got away for my school work to read it and I have to say I'm even more excited.
  2. Tiny Giraffe

    Game design career interview questions

    Oh, well fair enough when I do switch which would you recommend I use?
  3. Tiny Giraffe

    Game design career interview questions

    That seems, well stupid, you can model anything in blender, what does 3d max or maya have that blender doesn't?
  4. Tiny Giraffe

    Game design career interview questions

    My two favorite things to do are 3d modeling and programming, I use blender and have even started a project though I admit, its very big for one person
  5. Tiny Giraffe

    Game design career interview questions

    Wow this is a lot of input, so it should be noted while of course I'm taking salary into account, it is definitely Not why I want to be a game designer. First "Let's say rent costs $2k/month." that seems high, we pay about that much for my house and it's got 4 bedrooms. I also noticed in my research I did find other programmers were listed as making less than game designers. I also don't want to be a "pure game designer" and I don't idealize them, my real problem is deside what degree to get, speaking of which what colleges would you guys recommend? Ive been looking at DigiPen. Ignore any errors, it's a bit ironic this text box is glitchy.
  6. Tiny Giraffe

    Game design career interview questions

    Thank you, and I was wondering, you said that it didn't pay well but all the research ive done pointed to a minimum of 40k, but it should be noted this was all done on companys not indie designers, Is this from experience as an indie designer?
  7. Hello, I'm an aspiring game designer and doing a research paper on being a game designer for high school. Part of doing this project is getting an interview from an active game designer. I was hoping someone could help me with this, If you're interested in helping me that would be great! I just need you to answer these 5 questions. What experience might you need for this job? What experience might you get from this job? What are the Hours like for this Career? Is there anything extra that you would recommend to learn in order to get better at this job or something to learn before going to college? Is there anything you know now that you wish you knew when starting out? If anyone could help that would be fantastic
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