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  1. http://www.grit.net.au/adelindie/forum/default.asp Adelindie is a new forum for people to get involved in game development. Both from an indie perspective and those whom are already in the industry and wishing to help out. We have social events for people in Adelaide (thats where the forum was born :-) ), along with all sorts of other gear. It is in its infancy so dont expect too much, and it would be great to have people contributing from all around the world. Ideally Adelindie will be an online resource much like GameDev.net is, only _alot_ smaller :-) Anyone is welcome, so please pop-in and say hello :-), especially if you are from Aus or better still from South Australia. Cheers, Grover.
  2. A forum dedicated to getting indie game developers together has been started. It is an invite to all local Adelaide (in Australia) indie developers or anyone interested in games to come and get involved in a growing community. Website: http://www.grit.net.au/adelindie/forum And as a little added demo of what one indie developer is up to in Adelaide try this demo: http://users.senet.com.au/~dlannan/files/CarDemoV1.rar It needs a fairly decent card to display all the shaders - however I does run on cards as low as my poor lappy (Ati Rage Pro 8MB!) just alot of black instead of pretty skies :-) Thanks for reading, and if you are from Adelaide, or just want to get involved in indie development, sign up to Adelindie!
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