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  1. I like what i saw on that link,the only coding i found was java. The game in developing I'm using unity and c#. Does your company offer compatible coding?
  2. So i want to add some ads to a mobile game I'm developing. After some googling I've found admod. Is this the Best method? Also would it be a good idea to create an account using my personal info or should i begin to create a small business identity and what would be the steps to achieve that.
  3. Michael Kister

    New here and to programming

    That is actually a great resource. I wish this current challenge wasn't multiplayer. ......
  4. Michael Kister

    New here and to programming

    I think both ideas are great. The challenge projects are a great way to figure out where we know enough and where we need learn More. The mentor for group it's a really great idea. Someone to help and direct studies. I don't know any one too recommend though. My time is Also short. I work full time with regular over time. Most of my time for learning Comes on weekends. Red, Tell me More about how you see these challenges working. Would it like we decide on a pacman clone and we each work on one and compare results?
  5. Michael Kister

    New here and to programming

    HI All! I'm new to the Forum and to programing in general. I've been learning with a series of video for Unity I purchased from Udemy. I don't know anyone in the real world whom has programming experience or any artist really or anything. I just wanted to meet some People with similar Interest and to build a social network useful going forward on my journey of game design.
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