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  1. MagicMike

    Workflow help

    I understand why we have moderators, and I did have a different more encompassing meaning for game design. My complaint was because I was given notice of the move with scant reason and no indication of where it was moved. When people ask for help of course we do not know what we should. Please educate us first and scold us second.
  2. MagicMike

    Workflow help

    Thank you Scouting Ninja. That is the kind of help I needed. To be truthful this is my first attempt at a complete project as I only did my little section (except for a user interface job) of the programming. Now I have to plan the work so I can work the plan. I will be looking at all your references and many more as this is not the only forum I am joining. I don't know if you can see the post from Tom, our moderator, But it seemed odd and not helpful. Thanks again.
  3. MagicMike

    Workflow help

    I understood workflow in game design to be different then other programming tasks. If not appropriate here then where? Also I apologize. I did not know I was in Business>Production and Management but now that I do work flow seems to me to be appropriate to the forum. Please enlighten me.
  4. MagicMike

    Workflow help

    I am starting my first serious game in a LONG time and would like help in remembering and setting up my workflow. I have an outline of my idea and have chosen two engines to test for best function. I am refreshing my programming skills. What I need now is some help deciding what to do first, then next, etc. Initially it will be a two person work group with my wife as the resident artist (although I think I will be buying sprites and world art to speed things up). I will be doing the heavy lifting as programmer and project manager. HELP!!! and thank you in advance.
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