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  1. Drewdiddy611

    Developer seeking hobby projects

    About 1-2 years, 3 years JavaScript. 3 years PHP. Languages come pretty easily, I think the learning curve would be more focused on getting to know Unity.
  2. Drewdiddy611

    Developer seeking hobby projects

    I literally don't have any unity experience. Just a few weeks of c#, but it's coming along nicely seeing as how my background is java/javascript oriented. c# feels like a Mashup of the two. If you still think I can contribute, then I will download unity and start taking a look around. Up to you.
  3. Have some UE4 experience with C++, some c# (outside of unity), mostly Java/JavaScript/PHP oriented background. Just looking to get more practice in the game development area. LF UE4 preferrably, but am open to anything. Reply here and I will be in touch! Thanks -Andrew
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