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  1. HouseAndMoon

    Beginner? Sure

    You take a lot of time to answer my question thank you The colors for the game are a tricky question. For instance, if you only care about gameplay the best color for background is not having anything at all, but in terms of appeal to users it is usually better to have colorful backgrounds. In the first version of my game the background was black and white and it becomes more colorful when you start to lose. It was better for gameplay but I decided to give up a bit of clarity for graphics. Anyways you are right about the text, it could be easier to read. Advertising is very important of course. I don't know how to do it . I'm learning now. Anyways I would not mind to put down a bit (or not only a bit) of "success" and speed of "success" if it would allow me to spent less time in advertising. By the way, I don't think I can. I like your game also (Brick breaker - Bounce and Break), a different approach for Arkanoid. Nice one. Thanks for your time.
  2. HouseAndMoon

    Beginner? Sure

    Thanks, Sloper.
  3. HouseAndMoon

    Beginner? Sure

    Thanks again for your comments. Yes, the instructions could be better, I already was worried about that issue. Its is going forever like Tetris, but every minute and a half (aprox, depending on the difficult) you reach a new harder level. Tetris was part of my inspiration, also was Pang, Puyo Puyo and standard schmups. You really help me today with your comments, I take them very seriously. Best regards.
  4. HouseAndMoon

    Beginner? Sure

    Thanks for your comments !!! I understand what you say and I agree. I just have a confidence problem. If i suck doing funny games I just prefer knowing it as soon as possible There are already a lot of not very original, not very funny games. By the way, it is my first "published" game :). If I am not totally into the result I do not show it. I also have another game almost done and other proofs of concept. I also have old massive mods for strategy games (also un-published) and yes maybe I'm not very practical...
  5. HouseAndMoon

    Beginner? Sure

    Ok, thanks for the comment, I didn't thought about it! And maybe you are right. The tittle intention was to show the ridiculousness of the games and movies that try to make a serious topic about something really, really absurd: like an invasion from Mars. The game is not focused on the story at all but just on a supposed funny (and hard) gameplay but people could just interpret the tittle as you do. Maybe I make a big mistake with the tittle. Thanks jbadams, I really appreciate you take your time to help me. Hi, desiado. Ok, the tittle seems to be really a problem. I do not have much money for promotion and I don't even know if the game is good enough. I did a not so good game and I make big mistakes like the one with the tittle? Thanks for your time.
  6. HouseAndMoon

    Beginner? Sure

    Oh, great, thank you very much. I did not want to add a link because people could consider that spam. The link is this: I also create a page for the game in this very site There are a video, some screenshots and links to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube where you can see more videos. The game is really composed of minigames. Thank you for your time The links you share seems very interesting. Thank you.
  7. HouseAndMoon

    Advice Beginner? Sure

    I make a game on my own. I do not use forums (until now) or social media programs to talk about it, I just do it. So the problem is: I finished the game, I published the game for android, no one (ok, 3 persons) check the game. So I see 2 possibilities: either the game is really, really bad (I suck) or I have no idea how to promote my game (this one is true for sure). I really think the game is rather fun but maybe I completely wrong. So, how the hell I check if my game is good or not and how the hell can I do some little promotion of my game for free. I would stop caring about the game if the game is really bad, but I sincerely think it is not. I would be grateful if someone post an opinion about this. Thanks.
  8. HouseAndMoon

    RGB from Mars or Whatever

    At the PUSM (Partially United States of Mars). We are tired of intraterrestrials. At first they were all black and white, and that was fine. But they are ambitious. They started with Technicolor (tm) and now they even mix red and purple. We, the RGBs, are going to Earth and show them some respect... or whatever. Download Link: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: YOUTUBE:
  9. HouseAndMoon

    RGB from Mars or Whatever

    Album for RGB from Mars or Whatever
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