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  1. get the f***ing pillow man

    rights to create a game based on someone's show

    thank u guys, contacted Cartoon Network and yea, they only give rights to the ones they request to make a game based on their shows. Anyways, started another project, "Jack's Pumpkin". :)) hope i won't get any problems with these too. thank u for getting me informed 'bout all the stuff, now i feel like i'm more into games
  2. get the f***ing pillow man

    rights to create a game based on someone's show

    Good, so I gotta contact Pendleton Ward. But what do I have to ask from him? and is there a possibility that he'll answer?
  3. HEY GUYS! i'm working on a game based on Adventure Time(cartoon show) but recently found out that i need rights to do it. Well, worked pretty much on the sprites, animations backgrounds and all stuff so it'll be just a lot of time spent for nothing. And I don't want to give up on the game, I'd really love to finish it and publish for some platforms. So may someone help me, what do I gotta do for those rights? How do I publish it legally without breaking any kind of law. Who I need to contact? thanks.
  4. get the f***ing pillow man

    turn-based fight system

    sounds like i gotta create a game based on some story i made.
  5. get the f***ing pillow man

    turn-based fight system

    Damn, thanks a lot, got a new idea on what you just detailed(maybe gonna use them for some moments when the player gets teleported in other worlds or something). What i'm actually trying to make is an Undertale like fight-system. btw the game is based on Adventure Time
  6. get the f***ing pillow man

    GameMaker turn-based fight system

    Hello everybody, i'm working on a RPG game in GameMaker Studio, and as a beginner yea still gotta learn a lot. Created the sprites(for the player and its animations), Background for a room(some basic grass), and the objects for some basic walls and the player(included collisions, move, animate, speed etc). But what I'm hoping for is a turn-based fight systems. So when I collide with an object, it will enter the turn-based fight system. How do I do that? Seems kinda hard, and there are unclear tutorials on how to do it. So may someone explain be how to do it? Step by step, or if not, just some links where to learn some stuff so maybe I'll do it by myself. THANKS
  7. get the f***ing pillow man

    need help creating a game with gamemaker

  8. get the f***ing pillow man

    GameMaker need help creating a game with gamemaker

    Hi guys, I'm actually creating an RPG game by myself, a complete n00b, but the game is actually not that bad. I made sprites and animations, Backgrounds, a testing room and some code. And was just thinking 'bout getting more into game development so I may increase my game development skills. The game is actually based on Adventure Time, I named it "Adventure Time: Dimensional War". Still gotta create it's story, add dialogue boxes, hitboxes, enemies, turn-based fight systems etc. So I thought that maybe this joining this kind of forums will help. Right now I just need to learn how to make some enemies objects to follow me, attack me, and animate. I want to animate them just the way the player gets animated (up, down, right, left) So may someone tell me how to do it?
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