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  1. jg101

    any tips for writing a good dark fantasy setting?

    Just a thought base the story around a plague hitting the main characters home and they need to set of to gather the rare ingredients needed to cure it. It would give the main character a good reason to fight monster both to get ingredients and sometimes to acquire them from their corpses. It would also give you a good reason to go nuts with environments because rare things are usually found in fairly exotic locations. You could take it a lot of different directions it just depends on what your going for with the game play.
  2. jg101

    3D Modeler needed

    Hi I'm trying to become a 3D environment artist so if you still need help let me know.
  3. jg101

    Soulanity Looking for Unreal Programmer

    Hi I'm a 3D modeler and potentially interested in joining the team. Looking forward to hearing more information.
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