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  1. Bolt-Action Gaming

    This Week in Game-Guru - 09/17/18

    For the record-it's not my site, FWIW. With respect to the drama, it was primarily because in a very small community like one for Game-Guru when you have a free content creator who has a significant volume of content like the user in question and he has that situation where he yanks literally everything in something that amounts to a license spat - it caused a pretty big ripple. Given that the blog is about Game-Guru updates, tools, and community news - of which the latter fit into.
  2. Bolt-Action Gaming

    This Week in Game-Guru - 09/17/18

    So wow, what a busy week! I have a lot of interesting and exciting things to bring up for you all. First of all, apparently I'm to be featured on the Game-Guru site. I've been writing this blog for the better part off and on for 4 years now. It's primarily for a writing exercise for me; I receive no monies for it and it really doesn't benefit me much. It's more like a 3 hour headache each Monday, hah! Official Game-Guru News The mega pack 1 DLC is being updated to PBR. So this is a regular occurrence and while overall this is a positive the more important news I believe is buried here: "Back in the main product, we are looking closer at supporting a new model format, the very modern and exciting GLTF v2.0 format which you will find springing up over the last few years, including popular asset stores such as SketchFab. More news on this as it happens, and we look forward to giving you more powers to import the models you want for your next game making project." I don't know much about GLTF but I will say this can only help. One of the major limitations of Game-Guru has centered around the .x model types and their importation. I hope this brings some serious flexibility to the engine. Also in other news I found on the site, not sure when this was implemented but they finally put a 'showcase' section in which is good because some really good projects can be found there as a 'highlight' of what you can do in Game-Guru. No surprise some of the names/faces there, though, right? You can find the full list here: http://www.game-guru.com/showcase What's Good In The Store This week on the store we have Teabone, who once again created fantastic set of criminally low priced objects. It's literally 80 cents. This is ironic, of course, because it's a 'crime scene pack'. Get it here! On a secondary note I've spoken with T-Bone and you can expect more to be added as well as a slight price increase so if you purchase it now you'll save some money in the long run. Though admittedly it's so cheap it might not even matter if it goes up. Next we have Pasquill's 'best in show' train set. I will honestly say this is gorgeous beyond what it has a right to be. It's priced reasonably, which you might think it's high priced but personally I've seen assets like this go for MUCH higher on other game engine sites. You'll notice he's broken it out into separate components of trains and rails. All I can say is if you're looking for the best looking train and rail setups possible - these are a must have. You can get them here: Train pack Rail pack Lastly not to clutter this section Mad Lobster made a beautiful console for his Mad Scientist Laboratory set. You get four versions of it for the price of one if you buy it as an individual object; obviously holders of the pack get this for free. It's PBR mapped and it just looks amazing. Get it here: Mad Scientist Spinning Console Third Party Utilities and Tutorials There's some really cool dynamic lighting scripts here: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219867 Amenmoses has been working on bringing antiques to life: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/220041 Preben has been working on volumetric lighting(GASP): https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/220046 New user "DannyD" made a (in my opinion, much needed) Setup.ini gui editor: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/220007 Free Stuff Well.. damn. I *WAS* going to post a free cargo ship that Bod had put up but some clod went and crapped all over him on this thread here: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/220042 Bod pulled his entire thread of free stuff. It's all gone, for pretty much ever. I can't even blame the guy. He's been burned by more than one jerk in the past on this stuff and it's just a damn shame someone as generous as he is has to put up with things like this. The situation in a nutshell was: Bod made a licensed product available for free under strict rules that you cannot modify, alter, or sell it. This is a fairly standard practice, actually. So this user modified it, asked for help with his modification of it, and then when Bod called him out on it got absolutely childish and insulting towards Bod who in turn pulled his massive repository of free stuff. RIP. For the user who decided to make a stand over something they were clearly on the wrong in... In the meantime... https://serygalacaffeine.com/2018/09/12/redsorceress-skyboxes-archive/ free skyboxes! http://playerzeek-fpsc2011.yolasite.com/ old assets for FPSC! Maybe you can import them. Random Acts of Creativity Slaur3n's work is coming along wonderfully on his cowboy shooter. It's positively impressive to see people put this level of effort into a game. Really solid effort and I hope it sees release! In My Own Works This week I spent a few hours working on both chapter 18 and having to go back to chapter 4 and add an entire section on the new water controls on the tab-tab menu. This is going to be a down to the wire production for my book. I'm up to around 65,000 pages and need to hit 120k for my deadline. My Lightkit script is on sale for 1.75! My CameraKit script is on sale for 2.75! Thanks again for reading and see you next week! View the full article
  3. Bolt-Action Gaming

    This Week in Game-Guru - 09/10/2018

    This week, I've really been through quite a lot of components to help put this weeks report together. Thankfully there's a surplus of really great stuff that I can't wait to show you. Official Game-Guru NewsAs Game-Guru continues it's march towards modernization, there's a continual series of updates that address two separate facets of Game-Guru production. First, there's the constant GitHub updates, which resulted in things such as the 'monster update' of 7/30/2018. Secondly there are the asset updates, which are numerous and significant. Most recently, the 'Death Valley Pack', which many of us old-timers received for free with Game-Guru's release as a thank you, had a significant number of assets updated to PBR. Now these PBR updates are welcome and interesting, but seem to be a mixed bag, in my experience. As you may not be aware, the DLCs are generally the work of an artist commissioned by TGC for a product they then resell. I don't know the specific terms of the arrangement. As such, artistic skills vary. Personally I found a few were of 'mediocre' quality with the PBR update. Yes, the additional detail brought an improvement in some but not enough to measure. For what it's worth - the Death Valley Pack is one of the better ones. Still not the best, I'll reserve that for the updates done to the Sci-Fi pack, but very good nonetheless - especially for people who already own it. Third Party Utilities and Tutorials This week we have several updates, mostly from my own personal backlog of getting the past month caught up. Of note, Flatlander has generously picked up where my original project left off and added all the new functions to the Notepad++ Lua API I originally built. This is a very welcome weight off my shoulders and I just wanted to really thank him for that. You can get the update here: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219215#msg2605239 Also there was a fairly lively discussion on discord the other day regarding the creation of local cube mapping for mirror effects. This is primarily because cube mapping won't take into account a specific room so we discussed a way of dealing with this. Graphix came up with a solid method of that worth looking at including a custom tool on his site. There's also more here: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/220031 Next we have a very interesting update to Game-Guru loader which *MAY* make it's way into Game-Guru (this is Preben's work, after all). It is essentially a dynamic light setup with castable shadows! This would be an enormous change to Game-Guru. Just check it out: This kind of lighting effect would really modernize the engine! That's impressive quality for dynamic lights, especially out of Game-Guru using stock assets. There's also a few other interesting things I found. It appears Cybernescence (The creator of the Cogwheel Chronicles) has been doing some really crazy things with shaders. Notably this: That's... really good looking. It still doesn't modify the existing water, but it does a huge amount of work towards getting the ocean to be a living, interesting creature. His ocean shader isn't for sale yet but should be soon, from the sound of it. There's also this gem, also by Cybernescence, a PBR heightmap shader. All I can say is WOW. I mean this is an enormously powerful shader that will totally destroy lesser CPUs, but yeah. If you are trying to make something that is on peer with modern high end engines, this is a hell of a start! There's more info at the link, but this will be a huge boost to certain scenes! This shader was released for free and obviously is far from complete but is definitely worth tooling around with! You can find the info on the original link above, along with installation instructions. What's Good in the StoreNot a lot of new things in the store lately. Things ebb and flow there. Right now we're definitely in an 'ebbing' phase. That said, Gtox's new creation - a creepy mutant - did catch my eye. His animations are getting a lot better, that used to be my only real complaint about his products. I obviously own a few, in spite of my minor complaints because they're generally pretty good and often downright creepy, like this new guy: I imagine this reminds people of their mothers-in-law!The animation was real good on it too. You can pick it up here: https://www.tgcstore.net/product/31908 Random Acts of Creativity Some really good stuff this week. Dvader/Retrogamebloke (on youtube) created a spy-hunter style minigame in Game-Guru. I'm currently trying to get the juicy details but on the face it's got a randomizer for terrain and vehicles and a scrolling isometric view that infinitely loops. Really cool stuff. I should mention Spy Hunter was legitimately my favorite game when I was 8 years old so this was pretty cool to see! Spy hunter Game-Guru- spy hunter Next, Slaur3n used a pretty awesome 'retro style' shader to give his current project a very unique look. This one is another YT video you can find here: https://youtu.be/JyWnDqMoIx0 One more major update was DuchenKuke's 'post apocalyptic game' is out for testing. Definitely check it out and see if you can't learn a few things in the process! He says he's going for a Metro: Last light look - I'd say he found it!Check out the really professional quality here. There's mirroring in the wet terrain below, superb use of lighting and clutter.. I mean this is excellent work worth learning from. In My Own Works Writing is a disciplined activity. If you don't discipline yourself, you stop writing. It's why I write this blog, to help assist in that. It's also important to take time, every day, to write. I really can't stress this enough. Even a paragraph of work on a book you're working on keeps the mind active and prevents you from falling into stasis. In my case, I'm focusing on getting 5000 words a week out. That's a hefty amount of work, thankfully there's plenty to do so I can always find something to write about. Personally I work in a very structured way. I'm an 'outline writer'. This makes things easier than I think for others, but it also comes with it's own set of complications - like seeing that outline can be rather overwhelming. For now though, work on chapter 18 is coming along nicely. That's my 'how to add detail' chapter, broken out piece by piece and starting with vegetation. View the full article
  4. Bolt-Action Gaming

    This Week in Game-Guru - 09/04/2018

    Welcome back after a nice long month hiatus from Game-Guru Reporting. Unfortunately life's call was pretty strong (and remains so) but at the same time I do need to make sure this report is brought up to speed on what's new and exciting in Game-Guru. From a real world standpoint I had to do a migration of Redhat Satellite 5.6 to 5.8 for my day job for a very large company. This was a big part of my time sink along with yearly pentesting, etc. So again, apologies and without further wait here we go! Official Game-Guru News Over the past month steady progress has been made with respect to the engine and it's secondary DLC packs. Additional PBR assets (to the chagrin of some - some feel that the engine would be better served due to memory constraints with non PBR though I disagree personally). There's also been a free weekend, which just ended today, to my knowledge. Nice to see TGC taking additional steps to bring in a bigger crowd as Game-Guru becomes more feature packed. I'd suggest a relaunch in media (magazines, online blogs, etc) at a good time, say next year when things are much more solidly done. What's New in the Store Teabone's "HUD Stance Script" is in the realm of 'cheap and must have'. Pasquill did some really fantastic and extremely well priced shipping containers. The above kind of illustrates what a deal 4 dollars can buy you (6 of these beauties!). This is an amazing deal. I've already covered Pasquill's stuff in the past; for this price though I honestly feel like you're shooting yourself in the foot if you choose the old-out-of date freebie containers from FPSC. Spend the $4 and buy something professional, like these! There's other stuff on sale, such as EAI's products which I highly recommend. Beyond that, not much new on the store that really caught my eye. As always if you are a store content creator and want me to check out your stuff in detail with a coupon/reviewer copy, let me know. 3rd Party Programs and Tutorials Graphix is working on a simple web script to take 6 pictures and make a cubemap out of them. No link yet, but he says it should be on his website soon. https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219916 Bugsy put up a great little 'displaying pictures in sequence' help script thread which is a good utility script if you have nothing else like it. https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/220000?page=1 Argent Arts (a new user) put up a pretty nice discussion on the current lighting system. https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/220018 Which lead to Bugsy putting up a pretty thorough lighting test. Looks like dynamic 'specularity' is offline again. There's also a really good discussion on PBR here too. Random Acts of Creativity There is a significant body of new work to cover. I'll do my best, but if I miss you please send me a message and I'll include yours next time! A nice framework but needs refinement (lighting, in particular) The above are some very VERY preliminary screenies from VincentHendriks. Looks like a city slog, which GameGuru is surprisingly good at creating, so should turn out well. No title that I'm aware of yet. CodeName:Protoscope by Synchromesh This project is a solid piece by a very old hat in the Game-Guru community. Synchro's actually a mod over at the forums and it's got some nice interactivity pieces to it. And now of very important note: Acythian is coming along! Check out this thread for all the juicy details by one of Game-Guru's premier artists (Wolf). Above are a few of the many gorgeous screenshots he's put together. I mean it's totally worth a trip over to the forums, this project is masterfully done (assuming he can keep framerate above 10!) DuchenKuke is also working on some interesting stuff - he's another 'premier' builder, IMO. He's got a new project here: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219956 It's... unusual, right? Reminds me of the art for Hotline: Miami or some kind of retro-new wave album. Work continues on the 'cogwheel chronicles' but one really amazing thing showcased was this 'dissolve fade' work. I mean .. WOW. It's something - definitely click the link and check it out! In My Own Works I've been furiously writing for lost time, to get ahead of the curve on my book's publication. I have a lot of really good stuff, I think though could probably use a proofreader or two soon. If you are interested in assisting, contact me via the form on the right or leave a comment below! View the full article
  5. Bolt-Action Gaming

    Sorry guys

    I've heard from a few that they're disappointed in my lack of updates but the simple fact is I'm a man of many means and many obligations. Unfortunately I'm eating a lot of them right now, including my book as well. Many work obligations and some personal family stuff have come up. So for the time being this blog is on standby likely for another week until things get caught up. Once we get back I have a bevy of things I need to do such as: Review the new EAI weapons pack for Game-Guru Review the changes in Game-Guru Update my own project for Game-Guru and release it Continue my book writing. Thanks for your patience and see you soon! View the full article
  6. Bolt-Action Gaming

    This Week in Game-Guru - 8/6/2018

    Lots to cover this week! Official Game-Guru News:Things are really making a lot of progress. For a long time, the Game-Guru market was fairly stable. Fairly calm. We had a crappy boat on fair waters, so to speak. Sure, the thing had a five horsepower engine, but the seas were as easy as could be. The past year has been a rocketship to the moon, by comparison. Each week I'd write up my little report and think "well, that was easy". I'd hunt down the 1-2 lines of detail about what is going on, put up some stuff from the store and cover the bases. Then TGC went to github and we never came back. There have been a whirlwind of changes done over the past year and honestly if you HAD Game-Guru at one point and dismissed it, we're now safely at a point where I can say you should give it another look over. Literally EVERYTHING is different. We have dynamic lighting (up to 38 simultaneously, up from 3!). We have functional PBR. We have memory issues fixed. We have modifiable projectiles. We have quality of life fixes, like needing to press shift-f1/2/3/4 to go to the lightmapper. We have better weapons systems code. Almost every single DLC pack has been overhauled. Seriously, it's a lot to take in. I highly recommend you give it another go, if you have the time. Full details on the update can be found here: https://www.thegamecreators.com/post/gameguru-launches-monster-update The big takeaway here is this isn't the first major update in the past year. It's more like the third. Seriously. There's been a lot of changes and appear to be more in store. What's New In The StoreRecently there was a new kit released, specifically a weapons package. There's very few times when I have to list something as a 'must buy' but you're insane if you don't pick up this kit. This ultra-high quality kit is as good as I've seen for Game-Guru and really amplifies your options for game-making. Some minor changes to the textures and you'll have more than enough to change the game to your liking. Even if you don't, these are superb weapons. Check out the demo reel here: So yeah, that's pretty much the first 'must buy' thing I've seen in a while and frankly I'm not surprised. I've long maintained that EAI (Errant AI) is the best artist in the Game-Guru community. This new pack sort of underscores that point. Not that other artists aren't any good - it's just if you are looking for the absolute best of the best in terms of item/set quality items - he has no real equal (especially since his only real competition has moved on). Speaking of must buys, there are some other really great items this week on the store. Notably we have another top shelf artist (BSP) who created some fantastic PBR trees. If you absolutely must have the best looking trees possible, accept no substitutes! We've also got a great city pack from Lafette (whose work has been growing leaps and bounds lately) and a very non-ninja oriented set of NPC turtles. While I can't imagine Gtox is going to see a lot of demand for the turtles, I have no doubt they will be of the same high quality as most of his creatures are. Random Acts of Creativity I want you all to know that what follows here is.. unusual for me. I go out of my way to not ever be derisive or condescending but seriously, this can't be helped. In literally one of the most baffling things I've ever seen, there's something for sale on the TGC store that.. I don't know what it is. Seriously. It's called 'Data Bafticomputer'. It's by a 'Drstewart8klar' though if you google around you'll find he goes by drstewart2klar, 4klar, etc etc.. there's a million aliases. You also find two books on smashwords.com which are of .. questionable english usage. I mean I found a read-along on youtube and I literally lost all understanding of what the hell was going on. My inner Gordon Ramsey is standing around asking "What the $@%! is this pile of *** ****?" So yeah. I think this qualifies, probably, as an act of creativity. I guess. I mean it's got some pretty fantastic ms paint art... it's marked as 'adult content' but there's nothing even indicating why or what this is... and yeah. I mean this is a train wreck spaghetti-plate disaster. It's worth looking at, if only as a cautionary tale as to how not to release a game. So in a more meaningful set of reviews - Bugsy appears that he's done with Direct Action 2! Looks great. His minimalist "high speed low drag" approach to game design is worth taking a peek at - he is a ruthlessly efficient developer and while it's not for everyone it has some serious purpose behind it. Moreover the cutscene work is pretty impressive, considering the limitations of the engine. Youtube video of his work can be found here (Don't want to bog down the page with more than one video, sorry!) Another super interesting one (to me, at least) is Bod (you know, the super prolific free-stuff guy) is making a game and model pack. It's a different style but honestly I'm ok with that - I like seeing the variety in people's artistic visions. This medieval style game has promise. As it is refined it should really clean up well. A very Bod-style game, interesting to see it all put together!Lastly we have Len the Man's 'Cowboy Shooter'. I feel like this is a really good example of what a really concerted new game developer can do with the Game-Guru engine. His patient and steady improvement of his levels is really showing some promise and I truly hope he keeps at it!. Tutorials and Third Party Programs With a lot of third party programs being integrated into the core build due to it being accessible via Github, we have a lot of potential loss for this particular section. There was a great article a few weeks back that if you map over Game-Guru's development, it takes a very similar tract. https://medium.com/@eigenbom/how-to-take-7-years-to-ship-a-beta-4fcfc2428d88 Of course, that's all mute now because we're seeing real progress now that the engine's been opened up. In My Own Works <REDACTED> There's a lot going on right now. Keep your eyes peeled for an old project I never released to make the light of day. Some interesting code, for sure. A while ago I uncovered/developed a really impressive algorithm for creating certain randomization within Lua. I think it's about time I showcase them! Also, as an aside my complete time day and weather kit, along with all skies package is on sale at 14.95 this week! View the full article
  7. Bolt-Action Gaming

    This Week in Game-Guru - 07/23/2018

    In an effort to keep things brief but functional here at the blog I'm going to rattle through some of the newest offerings as quickly as I can here. Official Game Guru News On 7/18 a public preview release was unleashed which had a significant amount of updates to it in prep for one of the largest mainstream releases to date. This public preview version features a host of fixes as well as a major lighting overhaul (thank god, bout time!) . Further details/specifics can be found here: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219880 Also there was an announcement that the sci-fi pack got some extra goodies for it. And also there was a teaser info drop on the forthcoming update: "In other GameGuru news, we are almost ready to release the next big update, featuring a massive list of additions and changes. The last announcement for the Public Preview build revealed many of these new items, but we have added more to the list since - such as the new ability to append animation data to models and, perhaps even better, add hundreds of dynamic lights into your game scenes. " Now we're talking! Third party tools and tutorialsLooks like we have some really great tutorials on the way on using third party utilities to make Game-Guru assets! Random Acts of CreativityGuns of solo is coming along nicely though I think it needs a good bit more work finishing up visuals and refining textures. The basic textures provide a good starting point but I'd personally touch them up in an editor to ensure they really look the part. Still, tthe improved atmospherics are really great and making this move towards a reasonably capable shooter game. Next we have an interesting update by Tarkus on his vaunted 'Savior' series, with the most recent 'Savior v3'. It appears he's begun experimenting with various shaders to give a cartoon or smudgy effect to his graphics. This is a good technique for working with the often disparate textures and models we end up with as GG developers but can't be relied on to completely resolve any inconsistencies. Overall his use of clutter is a little much but it's looking good and I'm hopeful he'll complete the project. It so far looks better than most of the stuff out there and I really think he's on the right track with development - most importantly (he is sticking with the development!). This is an often overlooked but crucial part of gamedev that people who are dabbling in game-making often miss - STICK with your projects over years if you want to be able to release anything - but don't be afraid to call it done if it's not perfect so you can move on to your next learning experience/game. Lastly we see some updates by the Cogwork Chronicles which has added a night zone. This particular change really modifies the dynamic of the quirky but impressive steampunk game and honestly I like the direction it's going. Personally I think the lighting needs a touch more work to really hammer home the feel but overall it's looking fantastic. What's new in the StoreCorrosion's back at it with his 'Super Enhanced AI'. I'm... not sure. I mean what he describes sounds like a solid overhaul in the description (from one AI dev to another), but without seeing any ACTUAL video or comparison directly it makes it virtually impossible to actually tell from a buyer's point of view. So Caveat Emptor, friends. I also wanted to mention that I've lowered the prices on ALL of my products going forward. They've been up there for quite some time and I feel it's about time to reflect that as the progress made by others in the community have brought up the overall quality of products on the store. I've brought DOWN my prices to reflect that. So enjoy! Free StuffSadly the free stuff area has really dwindled down in terms of models/etc. But there's still some stuff out there. Personally I'm not a fan of taking everyone else's cast offs as they learn, but you can still nab some free stuff if you are in dire need. JPH Games has put out a few items for download here: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219734#msg2603156 Though not to a standard I'd personally use in my projects, it could still find a home so definitely take a look. More importantly though over on the Lua scripting area, we have several major updated pieces of code that are definitely worth grabbing: Amenmoses updated Dvader's body code: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219891 Amenmoses (a few weeks ago, I missed it) released a text based sprite library. Really solid stuff, as usual! https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219811 In My Own Works While the constant updating of Game-Guru has been fantastic from a developer standpoint, it's been HELL from a writer's standpoint. I have entire sections that have to be rewritten, thrown out, or updated. It's been a nightmare in that respect and I'm looking forward to when people are resting on their laurels for a bit so I can catch a moment to breathe. I'll get there though. I just need to wait until a major release and then unload all the writing I can on the book. View the full article
  8. Bolt-Action Gaming

    This Week in Game-Guru - 7/16/2018

    I'll be the first to admit I've been overwhelmed by life and a bit burned out on Game-Guru. This has coupled to a sort of fallout with doing this blog, which I will have to start making some changes to to make it more functional from my standpoint. At least, in the near term. I will try dropping the 'whats new in the store' as this section alone takes inordinate amounts of time for this blog. Game-Guru Official News: https://www.thegamecreators.com/post/gameguru-mega-pack-1-dlc-updated-3 Game-Guru continues their march forward with Github-powered updates. It's producing a lot more over this last year than it's done in the last 4 or so, so it's a lot to keep up with. The latest batch of updates resolved the following: "Back in the main product, we continue to improve existing features as much as adding new ones, specifically an improvement to the depth buffer which controls the fidelity of visuals when viewing objects at a distance. In the previous update, some camera distance settings could lower the resolution of the depth buffer causing z-artifacts, which has now been solved by a higher quality depth map. We'll continue to upgrade more entities to PBR assets in the background, and in the meantime, if you want to get your hands on the GameGuru Mega Pack 1 DLC, it's currently on promotion right now:" However in addition to materials updates for existing 'mega packs' and the addition of a new construction pack, there's also engine-based updates which are pretty regular now. I wish they'd produce patch notes, however, to help make my job curating it a bit easier as there's simply too much to follow at any given time. Regardless, it's still coming along nicely. There's also this gem: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219846 With Preben adding some very big updates to the lighting system. I've also heard that others are adding 'panther AI' to the game engine as well. What's new in the store:Check it for yourself this week :P More seriously though this is the most stand-out item of the last few weeks - pasquill's shipping containers set. Very well priced, very high quality. For four dollars, you can't beat that. Also - I've updated the pricing on my own store items, significantly reducing MANY of the cost of packs as they stand. Some are down 15-75% in cost. Check out the packs here today! https://www.tgcstore.net/artist/190502/packs FREE STUFF Notably I found this awesome addition: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219812 A free gun, by Bugsy! Really awesome stuff. THIRD PARTY PROGRAMS Ok so.. yeah. This one I'll circle back to. There's literally too much to go over and I've already spent hours aggregating a lot of this information. RANDOM ACTS OF CREATIVITY Some new games have been released. It's nice to see DK productions re-working Hunted: A Step too far along with some hush hush stuff I was given some early teasers on. Bugsy's been especially active lately, with a lot of testing and updates: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219234?page=2 Check out that skyline! A cartoony western by Slaur3n - https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/217684 IN MY OWN WORKS Ehhhhh. Don't make me talk about this. I'm obviously lagging on this. But mostly I need to get off my ass and start working on work-related things for Game-Guru. View the full article
  9. Bolt-Action Gaming

    These Weeks (Bi-Weekly) in Game-Guru - 06/18/2018

    So as you've noticed, I've switched to a bi-weekly update system. This is to lessen the load on me, which has grown tremendously over the past few months. I have simply too many obligations to attend to to do this consistently and as such, this is the result. Good news though - we're in a slow period so there's not a significant amount of content to curate anyways. So let's get on with it. OFFICIAL GAME-GURU NEWSNot a lot I can find here. Seems like most of the news is done by the community as of current. Work continues towards refining PBR's output and the engine in general. NEW ITEMS IN THE STOREMy least favorite section to review because there's simply too much. Here's some pictures: So the rundown: There's some good stuff by M Stockton, Wolf, Campana Productions (love the butterflies and crystal cave stuff), and more. I think I'll be picking up the gun supplies soon enough from MStockton. Looks great and at 2.50 sale price - that's a steal. Pick it up here: https://www.tgcstore.net/pack/11032 THIRD PARTY TOOLS & TUTORIALSYou'll notice the addition of '& tutorials'. I am adding this because I want to ensure that the really noteworthy tutorials get encapsulated along with interesting third party tools. And frankly, I already have too many subheadings. An interesting visual scripting framework. My son, who uses MIT's scratch, will love this. https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219760 A really great tutorial by DK (DuchenKuke) on how to do lightmapping. A must watch! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6-7m6QLQMA Work has begun by BOTR (Bored Of The Rings) of making his heightmap import tool an integrated package in Game-Guru on the GitHub source. https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/218876?page=4#msg2601811 Graphix made a quixel (graphic tool) script for GG: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219569 ALERT-EMERGENCY-ALERT - AMENMOSES RELEASED A PHYSICS LIBRARY! GET IT HERE: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219758 FREE STUFF Free Motorcycle Helmet by Bod: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/215012?page=17#msg2601335 Free monitor tables by Wolf: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219741 Free rubber boat by GraphiX: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/217932?page=11#msg2601597 RANDOM ACTS OF CREATIVITY Currently there's a lot of really good work going on in the community by committed members. I recommend following: Acythian, by Wolf: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/211124/newest Direct Action 2, by Bugsy: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219234?page=1#msg2600578 Into the Ice, by Ertlov: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/206985 Welcome to Manchester, by MooKai wins the honor of getting a screencap put in my blog this week. What fantastic work using very elementary components of GameGuru: You can learn more about WoM here: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219645?page=1#msg2601704 Lots of really good stuff here. Still waiting on an update by Dimoxinil for his 'Space Losers' game, which should really be honestly one of the 'best of the best' games made by Game-Guru upon release. IN MY OWN WORKS. I'll admit, I've allowed a lot of my "Battletech: A Time of War" pen and paper (roll20.net, actually) campaign to preoccupy me, but it's served as a valuable creative writing tool so I can't fault it, too much. The book is coming along slowly. I'm dedicating a few hours each week to getting a couple of thousand words done, so it's progressing at the proper pace. Currently I'm working on a segment discussing 'building your first game' - simply put priorities and configurations. This chapter already has a few thousand words but is getting a second pass to really expand on it. View the full article
  10. Bolt-Action Gaming

    These Weeks in Game Guru - 06-05-2018

    Ok, I'll admit, I've been busy. Too busy. Lots of nickel and dime stuff with life and it's held me up, significantly with this type of work. I will neither confirm nor deny my Battletech pen and paper RPG campaign has also eaten up many hours of my life more than I thought it would. Regardless I'm here to give you some interesting news on the Game-Guru front. I may switch this to a bi-weekly publication. What are your thoughts on this? Anyone have any preference? It's a lot of work for me to do weekly, so bi-weekly might be just the ticket. OFFICIAL GAME GURU NEWS: There's an update which was pushed out, today, specifically addressing some changes to the fantasy DLC pack as more PBR assets got updated. It appears Lee's FINALLY getting around to the long-standing issue of updating the weaponry to allow more than just a simple fireball attack. He wants to add ice and poison attacks! https://www.thegamecreators.com/post/gameguru-fantasy-pack-dlc-update Why this is important is because the Game Engine specifically is limited with respect to projectile weapons and decals (both of which are used for the fireball effect in the fantasy pack). And by limited, I mean one. You can only have that ONE simple object and any further modification requires a complete redo of the files involved. I know, I've done it. It's a pain. So adding functionality will mean adding the ability to have more than one simple hardcoded weapon (which was a cheap hack, IMO) and is a big deal. I for one am looking forward to it! WHAT'S NEW IN THE STORE: Lots of stuff,seriously. Too much for me to cover. I will go quickly though: Pasquill has made a set of what looks like 1980'sish ford bronco's in many different colors, shapes, sizes, etc. It's a good kit but a little overpriced, by my estimate. I mean in some cases it's literally a recolor and I can't justify spending the same price on one as I do on the other. Thankfully he's got a pack put to it in a much better spot financially. Good times. There's also a new kit by Tazman who is slowly sharpening up his products with the new PBR materials. I for one think he's come a long way and really hope he continues to grow as his kits have always held a lot of potential. There's some other stuff in there. Most interesting, in my opinion is the stuff by M Stockton who continues to deliver new and interesting items. I particularly like the reloader's bench (reminds me of many musty days in my father and stepfather's respective basements making bullets for competition or hunting) model. Very nice work indeed! FREE STUFF: THIRD PARTY APPLICATIONS: RANDOM ACTS OF CREATIVITY: This one is one that is a good 'must look at' - it highlights some new work by MooKai on the unique title 'Welcome to Manchester'. What's impressive is the use of PBR assets in a functional way along with a good lighting setup. See the video for below: A user on discord named PEK put up some really solid looking screenshots as well from a Game Guru game that I have no name for: We're in a good time, where people can actually start putting together really solid projects right out of the gate with minimum experience - just like was originally intended. There's still some major faults that hopefully some donations and the github crew can solve (such as the AI system needing some serious reworking). IN MY OWN WORKS: I have a significant amount of catching up to do this month to meet my targets. Thankfully I'm setting my word count very aggressively to help keep myself on track for my writing and I know I can bust out 15-20k words this month if I really buckle down and do it. The game itself which will sidecar will need some additional love as well since there's a significant amount of assets that still are outstanding. View the full article
  11. Bolt-Action Gaming

    This Week in Game-Guru - 05/21/2018

    Official Game-Guru News:So there's a lot of traffic at this point on Game-Guru. Lots of bugs being squashed. Looks like lighting is getting looked at, specifically an SDK called 'enlighten' as a possible solution. In the meantime there's a host of new functions on the github iteration of Game-Guru that are lighting related. Looks like I might need to go make an Advanced lighting kit :) ... Also in official news there apparently progress being made on an underwater state for the player, which should really open up the gates as to how water is handled. Lastly it appears that mega pack 3 has gotten more PBR assets - the roofs really pop with the shine they have now! Check it out here: https://www.thegamecreators.com/post/gameguru-mega-pack-3-dlc-update-2 New Products On The Store: So a few new things available. I'm really digging these complex and ornately textured lamps by Mad Lobster. Reliquia has made some absolutely amazing skies which you should absolutely take a look at. I've noticed that the quality on campana production's models has gone up, check out this cow skull! And lastly Shadow Man appears to continue to be on his building-making rampage. Free Stuff:Good lord, there's a crateload. https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219680 - A must have ... Reliquia has put 16 free zombies up! https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219692 - Lafette II has put up two zombie kids and some desert props. Be aware that having shootable children may violate local laws (Notably in Germany). Caveat Emptor. https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219523 - Here's a good AI script for the soldier, a wandering type script. So from here, I'm going to stop and just sort of separate things so you can really get a sense of how important these next two are. https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/215012?page=16#msg2600572 - This has been a Long, LONG time coming. Amenmoses and Bod have teamed up to make a really awesome vehicle script for a truck - this looks and feels awesome. https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219628 - Honkeyboy has added his own flavor to the drivable vehicle scene with this racing bike script! Those two should keep you busy for a while. Amazing stuff, truly. Looks like I owe someone a prize from my bounty board! Third Party Tools:I'm working on the notepad++ update. It's a lot of work because they keep making updates over at github! But it's coming along. There's a LOT of XML to pour through and verify/cross check. Random Acts of Creativity: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219296?page=1#msg2600665 - DK's latest update in his wasteland saga. Looks good though personally I gave him the following input on discord: "So observations @Duchenkuke for your test #3 - 1) I don't like the new coloring. There's not enough contrast. It looks too black, white, grey, and drab. Sorry! 2) The inventory looks easy to use but I'd really work on cleaning up the interface elements. Maybe use a color other than white (maybe a white-orange?), some asymmetrically sized boxes, etc. 3) The vehicle was awesome. What kidney do I have to give you so I can build a truck driving game for my son? Overall though your level design looks fantastic. Your use of clutter is second to none and honestly aside from the coloration issues I'd say you're coming along really well." In my own works: I'm continuing to procure more items and art for the book's sidecar modules. It's a lot of headache but at the same time there's a big payoff for those who will purchase by getting a combination of high quality free, store, and exclusive assets. View the full article
  12. Bolt-Action Gaming

    This Week in Game-Guru - 05/14/2018

    Official Game-Guru News: Nothing new here. Just some AppGameKit Game-Guru Loader updates. I don't personally use either products so it's not particularly relevant to me. New Products On The Store: There's not a lot this week after last week's frenzy. As you can see, not much. Some new animals, skies, and buildings. Unfortunately none of this is particularly stand-out to me. Free Stuff: HonkeyBoy has given some nice looking free bamboo models: CLICK HERE JPH Games made a tunnel PBR pack - I don't really know if I like the texturing on it but some might find some use: CLICK HERE Some cool little Cacti by Lafette II: CLICK HERE Some free textures (always useful, IMO) here: CLICK HERE A really excellent liquor/beer bottle from GraPhiX: CLICK HERE Third Party Tools: There's a free HUD generator WIP worth looking at: CLICK HERE Random Acts of Creativity:So Bugsy has updated Direct Action II's screenshots in his WIP thread and WOW, looks great. Here's one to whet your appetite: I'd show a few but there's like 12 or so so just check it out with this link instead: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219234?page=1#msg2597438 Next up we have an update video from DuchenKuke which really shows the extent of his game's state. It's fairly impressive and worth a look! In My Own Works: Book progress is slow, but that's ok. I simply have a lot of obligations around this time of year. As the summer heats up, my book writing will too :) Picked up a few gems to add though so I'm eager to dump some time into getting that book pounded out, hopefully another 30k words in the next two months. As it stands, I'm sitting at 55k words, which is no small accomplishment, considering the end goal is around 120k My Lua Notepad++ API needs an update too. Maybe I'll get to that in the next few weeks. I'll admit I've been dumping most of my creative energies into designing my Battletech: A Time of War RPG campaign. We're prepping for Session 0 (Character Creation) and Session 1 (first play through my custom campaign) and it's been invigorating. It's interesting to bring my video game design philosophies to the pen and paper rpg domain. Lastly my Advanced Time of Day and Weather system and all Skies pack is on sale this week for 17.99 (normal price 24.99!) View the full article
  13. Bolt-Action Gaming

    This Week in Game-Guru - 05/07/18

    Been remarkably bouncing between different types of colds this week, currently dealing with a chest cold. It's been a special form of hell for about 7 days now. So with that, here's your 'Game-Guru in a nutshell' for this week. Game-Guru News Nothing particularly new but it appears there's a lot of feature fixes/updates on the issues tracker at GitHub so we'll probably see some forward motion again and soon. Don't forget to help donate if you want to speed along development: https://www.thegamecreators.com/donate/project/1721 New Items on the Store Tarkus remastered his 'Desolation' Audio kit: https://www.tgcstore.net/pack/11026 Alfredx10 (An old hat from the FPSC days) put up a tile kit, presumably for the EBE? https://www.tgcstore.net/pack/11025 Tazman put up a gothic furniture pack with PBR textures: https://www.tgcstore.net/pack/11023 We also have these awesome single individual items available for download on the store now: I'm really liking the new stuff from 'that model guy' though all of these look really useful! Free Stuff Want to go bowling in game-guru? Check this out: Click Here Graphix made a 'by request' birthday cake for GG that looks damn good: Click Here Some nice free cars I missed by BOD (PBR): Civilian edition Police edition Third Party Programs No news that I'm aware of. Random Acts of Creativity This week's must-see screenshots are from DuchenKuke (of course!): I mean aside from a little heavy-handedness on the lens flares, WOW. Great work DK! Len the man is continuing his work on his Wild-West shooter, which I'm happy to see! And Cybernessence added a pretty sweet looking new NPC here: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/213870?page=4#msg2600203 In my own WorksSo in my own stuff, I am happy to say I've secured a few more goodies for the book release sidecar products including some weapons and products from BSP! This is a huge win for those looking to purchase my book. I really want to give a big value to anyone who does invest in it when it becomes available early 2019. I'm going to have demo maps, games, breakdowns, custom assets, free assets, you name it. Lots of good stuff going into the book for you, the readers! The book itself is coming along. I just slogged through my EBE tutorial section which was admittedly less fun than I'd like. I will undoubtedly be revisiting that section again, but thems the breaks! Till next week! View the full article
  14. Bolt-Action Gaming

    This Week in Game-Guru - 04/30/2018

    OFFICIAL GAME-GURU NEWS: Game-Guru has officially updated! Queue the fireworks, beer, and cheers people! It's the full DX11 release with all the associated Github and PP releases that we've come to know, love, and sometimes despise. This represents a huge departure for Game-Guru and as such you will want to really give your stuff a thorough once-over before you test. In the meantime we have a new pack to help celebrate, with full PBR models - https://www.thegamecreators.com/post/gameguru-construction-site-pack-released There's some really nice looking stuff in those kits so give em a look! NEW PRODUCTS IN THE STORE: The store has a massive smattering of new products this week and while many are great (nice to see Tazman experimenting with PBR, for instance!) - I have to say BSP shattered expectations with some damn fine looking stuff. As you can see these are some top shelf products! There's also some really good stuff by GraPhiX, that model guy, and relative newcomer mechanic. Pasquill has also added some new cars, which are always worth a look. These appear to be the first PBR enabled vehicles so give them a double take! I also have to chime in that I love Shadow Man's style. So I follow him on the store (amongst others) and while he's not a super-prolific author his stuff is top notch and worth a look if you're into cyberpunk/sci-fi/modern styles. Of course most of these are available in well priced packs so spend wisely: FREE STUFF:Not much going on here, but we already have lots of nice new shinies to play with so let's hold off either way for next week! THIRD PARTY TOOLS: The latest version of the Heightmap 2 GG program is out and available for download here: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/218876?page=3#msg2599966 RANDOM ACTS OF CREATIVITY:Cybernessence did a great job with some coolscripting in his upcoming game 'The Cogwheel Chronicles'. That's the kind of inventive stuff that keeps people interested in your product, people. IN MY OWN WORKS: My own products will need a thorough 'going over' for the latest revision of Game-Guru. I will need to take some time this week to set aside and test it thoroughly then bug-fix whatever new problems cropped up from the latest revision. The book continues to slog along though I literally got NOTHING done due to my day job's total focus last week along with my family getting sick upon my return. Keep an eye out here for more updates. If you are encountering any problems with the Time of Day and Weather system please let me know ASAP via this blog or via the ticket system on http://en.tgcstore.net View the full article
  15. Bolt-Action Gaming

    This Week in Game-Guru - 4/23/2018

    I don't have a lot of time this week, regrettably. As mentioned previously this is when my real day job reaches it's crescendo and so I'm going to throw together something for this week and maybe post something more detailed later this week. Thanks for bearing with me! Game-Guru News: Work continues on people trying to find errors and problems in the latest public preview. Nothing really stand-out, just testing, testing and more testing! What's New in The Store: This stuff: I really like TMG's diner pack - I'm interested in some nice PBR screenshots. Gtox is continuing to make animals and Ken Charles Long is making new and improved buildings. His previous work was good but since he's upgraded his tools it's really come a long way! Third Party Tools: Nada. Sorry can't dig too deep. Free Stuff: Sorry guys, this one is going to have to wait. It usually takes an inordinate amount of time to do and I can't afford that right now. Random Acts of Creativity:A few minor updates on the forums here: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219549 - an update to Tarkus1971's urban exploration game https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219588 - an interesting, fairly well done horror game But of particular note, I missed the update screenshots to Wolf's shooter Acythian which look PHENOMENAL! That is some top shelf stuff, visually. Nicely done Wolf! In My Own Works: Work continues on my book though it's taking a while. I'm hoping to get a few thousand words pounded out this week as I am going to have a lot of hours doing nothing otherwise. View the full article
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