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    These Weeks (Bi-Weekly) in Game-Guru - 06/18/2018

    So as you've noticed, I've switched to a bi-weekly update system. This is to lessen the load on me, which has grown tremendously over the past few months. I have simply too many obligations to attend to to do this consistently and as such, this is the result. Good news though - we're in a slow period so there's not a significant amount of content to curate anyways. So let's get on with it. OFFICIAL GAME-GURU NEWSNot a lot I can find here. Seems like most of the news is done by the community as of current. Work continues towards refining PBR's output and the engine in general. NEW ITEMS IN THE STOREMy least favorite section to review because there's simply too much. Here's some pictures: So the rundown: There's some good stuff by M Stockton, Wolf, Campana Productions (love the butterflies and crystal cave stuff), and more. I think I'll be picking up the gun supplies soon enough from MStockton. Looks great and at 2.50 sale price - that's a steal. Pick it up here: https://www.tgcstore.net/pack/11032 THIRD PARTY TOOLS & TUTORIALSYou'll notice the addition of '& tutorials'. I am adding this because I want to ensure that the really noteworthy tutorials get encapsulated along with interesting third party tools. And frankly, I already have too many subheadings. An interesting visual scripting framework. My son, who uses MIT's scratch, will love this. https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219760 A really great tutorial by DK (DuchenKuke) on how to do lightmapping. A must watch! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6-7m6QLQMA Work has begun by BOTR (Bored Of The Rings) of making his heightmap import tool an integrated package in Game-Guru on the GitHub source. https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/218876?page=4#msg2601811 Graphix made a quixel (graphic tool) script for GG: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219569 ALERT-EMERGENCY-ALERT - AMENMOSES RELEASED A PHYSICS LIBRARY! GET IT HERE: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219758 FREE STUFF Free Motorcycle Helmet by Bod: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/215012?page=17#msg2601335 Free monitor tables by Wolf: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219741 Free rubber boat by GraphiX: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/217932?page=11#msg2601597 RANDOM ACTS OF CREATIVITY Currently there's a lot of really good work going on in the community by committed members. I recommend following: Acythian, by Wolf: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/211124/newest Direct Action 2, by Bugsy: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219234?page=1#msg2600578 Into the Ice, by Ertlov: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/206985 Welcome to Manchester, by MooKai wins the honor of getting a screencap put in my blog this week. What fantastic work using very elementary components of GameGuru: You can learn more about WoM here: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219645?page=1#msg2601704 Lots of really good stuff here. Still waiting on an update by Dimoxinil for his 'Space Losers' game, which should really be honestly one of the 'best of the best' games made by Game-Guru upon release. IN MY OWN WORKS. I'll admit, I've allowed a lot of my "Battletech: A Time of War" pen and paper (roll20.net, actually) campaign to preoccupy me, but it's served as a valuable creative writing tool so I can't fault it, too much. The book is coming along slowly. I'm dedicating a few hours each week to getting a couple of thousand words done, so it's progressing at the proper pace. Currently I'm working on a segment discussing 'building your first game' - simply put priorities and configurations. This chapter already has a few thousand words but is getting a second pass to really expand on it. View the full article
  2. Bolt-Action Gaming

    These Weeks in Game Guru - 06-05-2018

    Ok, I'll admit, I've been busy. Too busy. Lots of nickel and dime stuff with life and it's held me up, significantly with this type of work. I will neither confirm nor deny my Battletech pen and paper RPG campaign has also eaten up many hours of my life more than I thought it would. Regardless I'm here to give you some interesting news on the Game-Guru front. I may switch this to a bi-weekly publication. What are your thoughts on this? Anyone have any preference? It's a lot of work for me to do weekly, so bi-weekly might be just the ticket. OFFICIAL GAME GURU NEWS: There's an update which was pushed out, today, specifically addressing some changes to the fantasy DLC pack as more PBR assets got updated. It appears Lee's FINALLY getting around to the long-standing issue of updating the weaponry to allow more than just a simple fireball attack. He wants to add ice and poison attacks! https://www.thegamecreators.com/post/gameguru-fantasy-pack-dlc-update Why this is important is because the Game Engine specifically is limited with respect to projectile weapons and decals (both of which are used for the fireball effect in the fantasy pack). And by limited, I mean one. You can only have that ONE simple object and any further modification requires a complete redo of the files involved. I know, I've done it. It's a pain. So adding functionality will mean adding the ability to have more than one simple hardcoded weapon (which was a cheap hack, IMO) and is a big deal. I for one am looking forward to it! WHAT'S NEW IN THE STORE: Lots of stuff,seriously. Too much for me to cover. I will go quickly though: Pasquill has made a set of what looks like 1980'sish ford bronco's in many different colors, shapes, sizes, etc. It's a good kit but a little overpriced, by my estimate. I mean in some cases it's literally a recolor and I can't justify spending the same price on one as I do on the other. Thankfully he's got a pack put to it in a much better spot financially. Good times. There's also a new kit by Tazman who is slowly sharpening up his products with the new PBR materials. I for one think he's come a long way and really hope he continues to grow as his kits have always held a lot of potential. There's some other stuff in there. Most interesting, in my opinion is the stuff by M Stockton who continues to deliver new and interesting items. I particularly like the reloader's bench (reminds me of many musty days in my father and stepfather's respective basements making bullets for competition or hunting) model. Very nice work indeed! FREE STUFF: THIRD PARTY APPLICATIONS: RANDOM ACTS OF CREATIVITY: This one is one that is a good 'must look at' - it highlights some new work by MooKai on the unique title 'Welcome to Manchester'. What's impressive is the use of PBR assets in a functional way along with a good lighting setup. See the video for below: A user on discord named PEK put up some really solid looking screenshots as well from a Game Guru game that I have no name for: We're in a good time, where people can actually start putting together really solid projects right out of the gate with minimum experience - just like was originally intended. There's still some major faults that hopefully some donations and the github crew can solve (such as the AI system needing some serious reworking). IN MY OWN WORKS: I have a significant amount of catching up to do this month to meet my targets. Thankfully I'm setting my word count very aggressively to help keep myself on track for my writing and I know I can bust out 15-20k words this month if I really buckle down and do it. The game itself which will sidecar will need some additional love as well since there's a significant amount of assets that still are outstanding. View the full article
  3. Bolt-Action Gaming

    This Week in Game-Guru - 05/21/2018

    Official Game-Guru News:So there's a lot of traffic at this point on Game-Guru. Lots of bugs being squashed. Looks like lighting is getting looked at, specifically an SDK called 'enlighten' as a possible solution. In the meantime there's a host of new functions on the github iteration of Game-Guru that are lighting related. Looks like I might need to go make an Advanced lighting kit :) ... Also in official news there apparently progress being made on an underwater state for the player, which should really open up the gates as to how water is handled. Lastly it appears that mega pack 3 has gotten more PBR assets - the roofs really pop with the shine they have now! Check it out here: https://www.thegamecreators.com/post/gameguru-mega-pack-3-dlc-update-2 New Products On The Store: So a few new things available. I'm really digging these complex and ornately textured lamps by Mad Lobster. Reliquia has made some absolutely amazing skies which you should absolutely take a look at. I've noticed that the quality on campana production's models has gone up, check out this cow skull! And lastly Shadow Man appears to continue to be on his building-making rampage. Free Stuff:Good lord, there's a crateload. https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219680 - A must have ... Reliquia has put 16 free zombies up! https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219692 - Lafette II has put up two zombie kids and some desert props. Be aware that having shootable children may violate local laws (Notably in Germany). Caveat Emptor. https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219523 - Here's a good AI script for the soldier, a wandering type script. So from here, I'm going to stop and just sort of separate things so you can really get a sense of how important these next two are. https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/215012?page=16#msg2600572 - This has been a Long, LONG time coming. Amenmoses and Bod have teamed up to make a really awesome vehicle script for a truck - this looks and feels awesome. https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219628 - Honkeyboy has added his own flavor to the drivable vehicle scene with this racing bike script! Those two should keep you busy for a while. Amazing stuff, truly. Looks like I owe someone a prize from my bounty board! Third Party Tools:I'm working on the notepad++ update. It's a lot of work because they keep making updates over at github! But it's coming along. There's a LOT of XML to pour through and verify/cross check. Random Acts of Creativity: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219296?page=1#msg2600665 - DK's latest update in his wasteland saga. Looks good though personally I gave him the following input on discord: "So observations @Duchenkuke for your test #3 - 1) I don't like the new coloring. There's not enough contrast. It looks too black, white, grey, and drab. Sorry! 2) The inventory looks easy to use but I'd really work on cleaning up the interface elements. Maybe use a color other than white (maybe a white-orange?), some asymmetrically sized boxes, etc. 3) The vehicle was awesome. What kidney do I have to give you so I can build a truck driving game for my son? Overall though your level design looks fantastic. Your use of clutter is second to none and honestly aside from the coloration issues I'd say you're coming along really well." In my own works: I'm continuing to procure more items and art for the book's sidecar modules. It's a lot of headache but at the same time there's a big payoff for those who will purchase by getting a combination of high quality free, store, and exclusive assets. View the full article
  4. Bolt-Action Gaming

    This Week in Game-Guru - 05/14/2018

    Official Game-Guru News: Nothing new here. Just some AppGameKit Game-Guru Loader updates. I don't personally use either products so it's not particularly relevant to me. New Products On The Store: There's not a lot this week after last week's frenzy. As you can see, not much. Some new animals, skies, and buildings. Unfortunately none of this is particularly stand-out to me. Free Stuff: HonkeyBoy has given some nice looking free bamboo models: CLICK HERE JPH Games made a tunnel PBR pack - I don't really know if I like the texturing on it but some might find some use: CLICK HERE Some cool little Cacti by Lafette II: CLICK HERE Some free textures (always useful, IMO) here: CLICK HERE A really excellent liquor/beer bottle from GraPhiX: CLICK HERE Third Party Tools: There's a free HUD generator WIP worth looking at: CLICK HERE Random Acts of Creativity:So Bugsy has updated Direct Action II's screenshots in his WIP thread and WOW, looks great. Here's one to whet your appetite: I'd show a few but there's like 12 or so so just check it out with this link instead: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219234?page=1#msg2597438 Next up we have an update video from DuchenKuke which really shows the extent of his game's state. It's fairly impressive and worth a look! In My Own Works: Book progress is slow, but that's ok. I simply have a lot of obligations around this time of year. As the summer heats up, my book writing will too :) Picked up a few gems to add though so I'm eager to dump some time into getting that book pounded out, hopefully another 30k words in the next two months. As it stands, I'm sitting at 55k words, which is no small accomplishment, considering the end goal is around 120k My Lua Notepad++ API needs an update too. Maybe I'll get to that in the next few weeks. I'll admit I've been dumping most of my creative energies into designing my Battletech: A Time of War RPG campaign. We're prepping for Session 0 (Character Creation) and Session 1 (first play through my custom campaign) and it's been invigorating. It's interesting to bring my video game design philosophies to the pen and paper rpg domain. Lastly my Advanced Time of Day and Weather system and all Skies pack is on sale this week for 17.99 (normal price 24.99!) View the full article
  5. Bolt-Action Gaming

    This Week in Game-Guru - 05/07/18

    Been remarkably bouncing between different types of colds this week, currently dealing with a chest cold. It's been a special form of hell for about 7 days now. So with that, here's your 'Game-Guru in a nutshell' for this week. Game-Guru News Nothing particularly new but it appears there's a lot of feature fixes/updates on the issues tracker at GitHub so we'll probably see some forward motion again and soon. Don't forget to help donate if you want to speed along development: https://www.thegamecreators.com/donate/project/1721 New Items on the Store Tarkus remastered his 'Desolation' Audio kit: https://www.tgcstore.net/pack/11026 Alfredx10 (An old hat from the FPSC days) put up a tile kit, presumably for the EBE? https://www.tgcstore.net/pack/11025 Tazman put up a gothic furniture pack with PBR textures: https://www.tgcstore.net/pack/11023 We also have these awesome single individual items available for download on the store now: I'm really liking the new stuff from 'that model guy' though all of these look really useful! Free Stuff Want to go bowling in game-guru? Check this out: Click Here Graphix made a 'by request' birthday cake for GG that looks damn good: Click Here Some nice free cars I missed by BOD (PBR): Civilian edition Police edition Third Party Programs No news that I'm aware of. Random Acts of Creativity This week's must-see screenshots are from DuchenKuke (of course!): I mean aside from a little heavy-handedness on the lens flares, WOW. Great work DK! Len the man is continuing his work on his Wild-West shooter, which I'm happy to see! And Cybernessence added a pretty sweet looking new NPC here: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/213870?page=4#msg2600203 In my own WorksSo in my own stuff, I am happy to say I've secured a few more goodies for the book release sidecar products including some weapons and products from BSP! This is a huge win for those looking to purchase my book. I really want to give a big value to anyone who does invest in it when it becomes available early 2019. I'm going to have demo maps, games, breakdowns, custom assets, free assets, you name it. Lots of good stuff going into the book for you, the readers! The book itself is coming along. I just slogged through my EBE tutorial section which was admittedly less fun than I'd like. I will undoubtedly be revisiting that section again, but thems the breaks! Till next week! View the full article
  6. Bolt-Action Gaming

    This Week in Game-Guru - 04/30/2018

    OFFICIAL GAME-GURU NEWS: Game-Guru has officially updated! Queue the fireworks, beer, and cheers people! It's the full DX11 release with all the associated Github and PP releases that we've come to know, love, and sometimes despise. This represents a huge departure for Game-Guru and as such you will want to really give your stuff a thorough once-over before you test. In the meantime we have a new pack to help celebrate, with full PBR models - https://www.thegamecreators.com/post/gameguru-construction-site-pack-released There's some really nice looking stuff in those kits so give em a look! NEW PRODUCTS IN THE STORE: The store has a massive smattering of new products this week and while many are great (nice to see Tazman experimenting with PBR, for instance!) - I have to say BSP shattered expectations with some damn fine looking stuff. As you can see these are some top shelf products! There's also some really good stuff by GraPhiX, that model guy, and relative newcomer mechanic. Pasquill has also added some new cars, which are always worth a look. These appear to be the first PBR enabled vehicles so give them a double take! I also have to chime in that I love Shadow Man's style. So I follow him on the store (amongst others) and while he's not a super-prolific author his stuff is top notch and worth a look if you're into cyberpunk/sci-fi/modern styles. Of course most of these are available in well priced packs so spend wisely: FREE STUFF:Not much going on here, but we already have lots of nice new shinies to play with so let's hold off either way for next week! THIRD PARTY TOOLS: The latest version of the Heightmap 2 GG program is out and available for download here: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/218876?page=3#msg2599966 RANDOM ACTS OF CREATIVITY:Cybernessence did a great job with some coolscripting in his upcoming game 'The Cogwheel Chronicles'. That's the kind of inventive stuff that keeps people interested in your product, people. IN MY OWN WORKS: My own products will need a thorough 'going over' for the latest revision of Game-Guru. I will need to take some time this week to set aside and test it thoroughly then bug-fix whatever new problems cropped up from the latest revision. The book continues to slog along though I literally got NOTHING done due to my day job's total focus last week along with my family getting sick upon my return. Keep an eye out here for more updates. If you are encountering any problems with the Time of Day and Weather system please let me know ASAP via this blog or via the ticket system on http://en.tgcstore.net View the full article
  7. Bolt-Action Gaming

    This Week in Game-Guru - 4/23/2018

    I don't have a lot of time this week, regrettably. As mentioned previously this is when my real day job reaches it's crescendo and so I'm going to throw together something for this week and maybe post something more detailed later this week. Thanks for bearing with me! Game-Guru News: Work continues on people trying to find errors and problems in the latest public preview. Nothing really stand-out, just testing, testing and more testing! What's New in The Store: This stuff: I really like TMG's diner pack - I'm interested in some nice PBR screenshots. Gtox is continuing to make animals and Ken Charles Long is making new and improved buildings. His previous work was good but since he's upgraded his tools it's really come a long way! Third Party Tools: Nada. Sorry can't dig too deep. Free Stuff: Sorry guys, this one is going to have to wait. It usually takes an inordinate amount of time to do and I can't afford that right now. Random Acts of Creativity:A few minor updates on the forums here: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219549 - an update to Tarkus1971's urban exploration game https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219588 - an interesting, fairly well done horror game But of particular note, I missed the update screenshots to Wolf's shooter Acythian which look PHENOMENAL! That is some top shelf stuff, visually. Nicely done Wolf! In My Own Works: Work continues on my book though it's taking a while. I'm hoping to get a few thousand words pounded out this week as I am going to have a lot of hours doing nothing otherwise. View the full article
  8. Good info, thanks! This type of thing always seems simple but bears repeating because I can't even count the amount of times I've accidentally lost a day's worth of work because of neglecting to hit save and the editor crashes on me. Save early, save often!
  9. Bolt-Action Gaming

    This Week in Game Guru - 4/16/2018

    Official Game-Guru News: I really dig the constant release cycle we're seeing from Game-Guru and TGC now that it's gone to GitHub. Here are the full details on the 04.14.18 PP (Public Preview) release available on steam: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219574 This one seems to be more of a bugfix/legacy components fix and users are reporting good results. That means we're inching closer to a production stable build. There's also some good PBR work being done on Mega Pack 2 (one of my favorites) - get the info here: https://www.game-guru.com/news-post/gameguru-mega-pack-2-dlc-update New Products On The Store: Not a lot going on but some interesting stuff. GraPhix continues his PBR work with a nice looking bus stop. One thing that stands out is that the glass isn't suffering that awful 'everything past the second pane gets deleted' bug so it should work flawlessly by the look of it. There's a house set if you're interested by relative newcomer 'Homewreckers studio' and some very nice snow decals by RoseMadder (I always love innovative uses of the decal system). Lastly there's a Randomized Sound System by Corrosion, who continues his utility scripting. This particular one looks really useful and I might consider getting it myself. Definitely give it a view! Free Stuff: Honkeyboy has some free mechs (WOO!) here: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219571 Bod has revamped his old lighthouses (I'm super excited about this): https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/215012?page=16#msg2599005 JPH-Games keeps adding to his "Industrial PBR pack": https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219529#msg2599080 Graphix has honestly got too much for me to list. See his megathread here: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/217932?page=10 Third Party:There's a pretty big update for AGK but that's really only useful for people using GG Loader, at least from this blog's standpoint. Beyond that, apologies but I haven't sifted through the mountains of posts on the forum about updates. Suffice it to say we should expect a lot of integration of utilities in the near future into GG public releases. Random Acts of Creativity: So this is the area I'm *MOST* excited about. We have two mega updates here that need some attention. Firstly, of course, is Dimoxinil's "Space Losers". This game continues it's march towards completion and there's also a recipe for cooking eggs buried in there? That's definitely a new one. He's added a savegame feature, day/night transition, a friendly NPC, and a village. Details here: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/217908?page=4#msg2599091 Next I noticed on the Game-Guru Discord (Yes, that is a thing - it can be found here: https://discordapp.com/channels/332652927082692609/332652927082692609 ) That DuchenKuke had posted a pretty awesome update and test video for his upcoming fallout/STALKER style game. You can watch that video here (highly recommended as it's informative just in the sense of learning how to use terrain effectively): This is absolutely gorgeous and he's done a great job. My comments in full can be found at the video. In My Own Works: Ugh. Don't remind me that I have more work to do. I added about 3000 words last week to my book, which is pushing 145 pages now, unformatted. There is a ton of extra work to do. View the full article
  10. Bolt-Action Gaming

    This Week in Game-Guru - 4/9/2018

    Apologies for last week. I missed the update completely as my day job as Chief Linux Systems Engineer is reaching it's yearly crescendo (culminating in early May) and so I'm finding myself exceptionally busy, compared to what I would only term the 'off season' where it's much easier to focus on secondary tasks, which unfortunately this blog falls into. As such you may notice for a few weeks a reduced focus on this blog but I promise you it will return as soon as I can steadily manage it. I'd like to give a quick shout-out to Graphix for a freebie he sent me (unsolicited) as thanks for the blog. Give his products a look here - he's been doing some great things with the new PBR system. OFFICIAL GAME-GURU NEWS: Not sure what I can say here. Work continues, Preben is doing a lot of fantastic things with the shaders for DX11 but there's some serious issues that are still being worked on. So as such we're stuck with a more updated public preview edition but hopefully will see movement forward towards a stable 'release' sometime soon. To be sure, this is not the upgrade path I'd have chosen if I were Lee. NEW PRODUCTS IN THE STORE: Teabone (the king of clutter objects, IMO) has released a few new pieces of high quality clutter objects, notably some paintings. There's also some interesting medieval horror objects by Lafette that literally the first words out of my mouth were (and I quote): "Wow! That's.. really really nice. I mean that's absolutely top shelf stuff." And the best part is? They're EXTREMELY WELL PRICED. I mean the entire pack is something like 7 dollars, US. This is something on the level of Wizard of ID level of quality, for a fraction of the price. Definitely worth the investment. FREE STUFF: There's a fairly large body of 'free stuff' to go through: First of all, Bod has made some new PBR remakes of his old stuff that look great! Second we have Lafette (same one as above) making some 'free little mountains' which honestly are fantastic! I hope to be able to include them with my book! Thirdly we have a 'free PBR industrial pack' by JPH Games. Here's a script for making a MOHAA (Medal of Honor, Allied Assault man I haven't played that game in a lonnnng time) style bomb script: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219519 And lastly there's a pretty great script set of RPG style functions. All in all, a pretty solid week for freebies! THIRD PARTY TOOLS: Some news: The Heightmap Importation tool is being integrated into the GitHub source - eventually! Still, this is a huge bit of news and I'm excited to see it finally getting it's day in the sun. Also GG loader by Preben has gotten another update of some underwater shaders. That guy has a lot of free time. I don't know how he does it. RANDOM ACTS OF CREATIVITY: There's too much to cover (cries quietly)...*takes a deep breath* Bugsy added cubemapping to some objects in his Redacted2 shooter - https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/216903?page=3#msg2595699 Murmia, that weird game by 'beanz' is coming along nicely: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/218909?page=1#msg2597459 Death House of Barker Creek by new creator 'HellreaperX' looks like a solid first attempt: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219542 Urban Explorer by Tarkus1971 looks promising but needs some fine tuning: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219549 Lastly there's a really fantastic update by Cybernessence that needs to be seen to be believed for his Cogwheel Chronicles masterwork. His day night transitions are looking good! https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/213870?page=4 IN MY OWN WORKS: The book is making steady progress though a lot of the lower hanging fruit is taken. One interesting tidbit I posted online which readers of this blog might find interesting is my analysis of what's wrong with using the base AI without a navigation mesh for it: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219508#msg2598602 Check it out. I'll discuss it in more depth in the book, by a large margin. View the full article
  11. Official Game-Guru News: This past week marks the latest release of the public preview updates, specifically bringing us to a 3rd major update with PP. The full list of commits are available here: https://github.com/TheGameCreators/GameGuruRepo/commits/master There's a lot of good stuff in there ranging from updates to scripts to making sky a scriptable change via Lua. Most importantly of course work continues on updating fixes for broken default items. I personally noticed my rain system and some other weather effect systems I have available on my Advanced Time of Day and Weather system aren't functioning normally. I'll have an update for that as soon as I can but unfortunately am bombarded with my day job's work right now. For now play around with the newest update and make sure you are submitting problems via the issue tracker here: https://github.com/TheGameCreators/GameGuruRepo/issues It appears the Fantasy Pack is including more character creation gear, notably headgear for male/female models. This is a welcome improvement over a system that has a lot of underused potential. New Products on the Store: Nothing really new here. Some minor scripting items, a swing set, and some music. At this point though, nothing to really write home about unless you need some of this stuff. Expect more of an uptick during the summer months, especially after PP goes live. Free Stuff: Graphix continues exercising his increased prowess with 3D models. There's some miscellaneous free items here: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/217932?page=9 Lafayette II put up a free tree here: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219495 Third Party Tools: Looks like BOTR has finally started to settle back into regular daily life after having his first little one and has begun working on his suite of third party programs. Notably work has been done on his DBO/.X data importer. https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219495 Random Acts of Creativity: *crickets*. No real updates here to write home about. More next week, maybe. I guess people are prepping for Easter or winding down from a long winter. In My Own Works: My book has slowed down; I'm at 50,000 words or so but having to rewrite a segment which I was borrowing too heavily from my blog cost me about a weeks worth of writing. I am re-writing it from the ground up and that's unfortunately a costly affair. Overall I'm on track for being in 1st-2nd draft territory by September (which is my personal goal). Onwards and upwards! View the full article
  12. Bolt-Action Gaming

    Weekly report delayed until tomorrow

    Apologies but there's a lot going on which is preventing me from dealing with putting up a rather lengthy post about what's new in the Game-Guru world this week. I will have one for you all tomorrow though! Lots of new changes that need discussed so definitely make sure you check in! View the full article
  13. Bolt-Action Gaming

    This Week in Game-Guru - 3/19/2018

    Welcome to another weekly wrap-up on all things Game-Guru. Things continue to shape up post-public preview v2 and we're seeing most of the artists develop a workflow around PBR assets which really add a level of depth and dimension pretty far beyond what Game-Guru has been known to do. Official Game-Guru News: Game-Guru now has a donation link for 3rd party development. It's about time! Remember, these monies won't go towards Lee & Company. It will actually go for people who are doing contracted work outside of TheGameCreators to fix up long-standing issues in Game-Guru. I've already put a few bucks towards it and encourage you to do the same to help reward those who are really getting this project moving again! In other news, the Easter DLC is also free so grab it while it lasts! It's also got some new models added so existing owners of it who bought it last year should have that in their inventory as well. Beyond that, work continues on the pending 'regular' release of Game-Guru. Bear in mind beyond public preview editions, we have seen NO real updates to Game-Guru since May of last year. That's quite a long time to wait. So I think a lot of us are really hoping to see something magical though I think it's fair to expect we'll run into some snags as well. Hopefully Lee and team are agile after the fact and fix whatever whack-a-mole bugs pop up. New Products on the Store: This week we're starting to see the current crop of PBR related assets coming forward as more and more artists get used to working with the new medium. Some of this stuff looks really great! Most, if not all of these are PBR enabled.I noticed Mad Lobster Workshop's Mad Scientist Lair now has a second 'kit' to it which is an 'essentials/lite' pack. I love this brain in a jar, Mad Lobster! This is a good idea to corral the ever-expanding inventory and help break it out though I still would have made pack 1, 2, 3 instead of his method. To each their own though. Graphix's work on a playground set is really turning out nice, about time for us to get an updated one. I have been using an older one for years and it's about time to update. Finally there's this way, way, way overpriced toilet from newcomer HomeWreckers Studio. I mean I get it, everyone needs a good quality toilet for their games. For the price though he's going to find it a struggle to sell this piece. Probably. My recommendation would be to offer it significantly reduced by itself (say $3.50) or include it much reduced as part of a pack. Free Stuff:This week there's not a lot going on. I will say though Bod has been working on updating his assets for PBR and they look phenomenal. Though word in the winds is that a fix is coming to PP that will render a lot of his updates unnecessary. Beyond that we see some new stuff from Graphix (notably a cabinet) and some free music from the probably very-hard to pronounce "eluukkanen". Third Party Tools: This week we got to see a glimpse of something REALLY cool. A third party tool called "Game Launcher Creator". This program really allows some impressive things such as live updates, notifications, a WYSIWYG editor, and more. You can find info on it here: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219455 ... lots of potential in this one. Someone found a new PBR tool: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/219467 Random Acts of Creativity: This week Bugsy put up some new screenies of 'Direct Action 2' and it looks great. He's really getting a handle on GG's lighting and it shows: Great use of a dynamic (RED) light with lots of soft blue static lights.Also it's nice to see 'Len the Man' still working on his cowboy shooter game. In my own works: Sort of a lazy week for me. I have a lot of life stuff going on. Lately I've been playing Galaxy on Fire 3 on iphone, World of Tanks Blitz (iphone) and also Tera had an event for Male Brawler classes this weekend .. and I've been a founder in that since the dawn of time. So not much going on. Pounded out a few thousand words on the book. Books are a process of constantly grinding out more material. I did obtain licensure for a few more assets so that's coming along nicely. I now have some custom models worth noting and am looking forward to revealing them as time goes on! Eventually the book will come with: A full set of level-building supplies (buildings, clutter objects) A custom character (enemy/npc) Custom Character Creator assets Custom weapons and more! I'm still looking for qualified artists. Let me know if you have an interest in having some of your work included! View the full article
  14. Bolt-Action Gaming

    Game-Guru and Female Gamers

    Well the unity and unreal stores are just fine. It's the Game-Guru store that's really lacking and I should have been more clear. There's virtually nothing on there which is surprising because the asset store is fairly large. So this was more a call to arms to my more regular Game-Guru crowd readers to maybe start generating some more female gamedev friendly models. Thanks for taking the time to respond!
  15. Bolt-Action Gaming

    Game-Guru and Female Gamers

    My wife is a hardcore female gamer. She maintains a fairly popular YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/Mmogurl). While I cannot speak for her directly, I will note some observations about her experiences with gaming, being a woman, and gamedev. You see, she's been a long time horror fan. I mean long time; as long or longer than I've known her. She loves Silent Hill; she maintained a pretty high traffic website back in the early 2000's on it. It crushed her to see Silent Hills (she's not a Koijima fangirl). It reduced her to rubble when she saw him quit, destroy all existing progress on it, and essentially cause a hard reset for the franchise. The look in her eyes when I told her it'd be 4 more years from that point before she'd see another SH game was difficult indeed. So in her mind, she wants to make her OWN horror game. To her credit (reasons like this are why I married the woman) she put her money where her mouth was and started learning Unity and Unreal. She's made some impressive stuff for someone with no training in any formal capacity and no real background in GameDev. She however sees my work in Game-Guru and is interested. Unfortunately there are literally almost no female models to work with on the store. She knows I'm writing a book on Game-Guru and have tons of experience with the system - but there's simply nothing there to pull her in for her own projects. So .. just a little suggestion for developers reading this - please add some female-friendly stuff to the store - it might help attract at least one new buyer I can think of! View the full article
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