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  1. Steve._.Snow

    Voice Actors Needed

    hey!, you can look in these servers Voice actors: https://discord.gg/A2CGzm https://discord.gg/gXYrjS https://discord.gg/qY6r4a i hope you can find someone!.
  2. Steve._.Snow

    3d artist looking for freelane project

    hey. i'm making a video game with my team, do you know 2d design? this is my discord : steve._.snow#9754
  3. Steve._.Snow

    Pixel Artist Looking For Experience

    hey, i have a team and we are developing a video game now, if you are interesting PM
  4. hey, i'm designer, i love the video games and i know some things about code, i want to do a team with you, what do you think about it ?
  5. hello, i'm steve and im designer, i can design any idea and i'm looking for projects to help, if you are interesting write and we can talk about it
  6. Steve._.Snow

    Programmer needed to help with game project

    hey, i can help you, i know game maker
  7. Steve._.Snow

    Looking for team

    hey, i can help because i'm looking for a project now, write me if you are interesting
  8. Steve._.Snow

    retopology help

    thank u very mush man, nice tutorial!!!!! THANKS A LOT
  9. Steve._.Snow

    retopology help

    i want retopologize the face of my character to animate ,i will check it out your suggest, thanks gezu.
  10. Steve._.Snow

    retopology help

    thank you very much !!!!!
  11. Steve._.Snow

    retopology help

    but i new a tutorial free, do you know use blender 3d?
  12. Steve._.Snow

    retopology help

    someone know about anything tutorial of blender retopology?
  13. i'm steve designer 2d,3d and coder. i'm new here and i have a lot of ideas about new videogames for different platform, but i need talented people who don't limit themselves. if you consider yourself creative and without limits to create great things, contact me. we can have fun creating great games...!!!
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