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    CrossFire 3 - xtreme warfare - demo

    OOps wrong account, btw im Asheh.
  2. ACAC

    CrossFire 3 - xtreme warfare - demo

    I didnt have trouble runnig it, but when i went to buy the game it went to a german site, its a bit diffuclt to buy it if i dont understand the language. Shame, its the first indie game ive wanted to buy, ever. :) What is the price btw? GBP?
  3. Im in the process of writing an article, Its on writing a simple sprite batching engine with DirectX9, I was wondering if anyone here would find it useful? before i go onto finish it off =)
  4. ACAC

    A game concept: "The Guy"

    Sounds like a funny game too play. It appeals to me because I don't like that all-to-perfect attitude of games like the Sims. It's not funny playing games where you have to remember to wash the dishes and the like, it has to be more of a social life survival game. I think that the game is possible to make if you're being fair about the graphical requirements. The engine could be created in a way that allowed the game to evolve over time, so that new game concepts could be added on the fly (abbility to join a mob, open a store in the crazy ass town etc).
  5. ACAC

    A game concept: "The Guy"

    Well actually I once killed a spider for my mom, but it was so huge, i was so damn scared, now im scared of spiders so I suppose killing them alot would do it. I think its a cool concept although not really a game as such, more of a simulation? The idea that this guy gets messed up in the head is a bit strange, maybe he doesnt have to get some sort of mental disorder maybe he can live a normal life and grow old. Id like the idea of a game where you can just live and do what you want like in fable, get wife, eat, drink, get drunk, buy houses, get a job. Like sims with an edge :) Kool concept, keep me updated =)
  6. ACAC

    Age of Empires II AI

    Im not too sure about your questions but I have to say this game is really awesome and I agree with you, theres somthing about it that just makes it stand out from the rest. Ive played cossacks, empire earth, warcraft 3 and none have the feel and strategy of AoEII.
  7. So how does emulation actually work? Ive been doing a little reading and there is different types right? I think i prefer the interpreting one where you actually emulate the process of the CPU. So basically you would load up a ROM, and read through it like a computer would?, then output like it was on a real console.
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