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  1. Geometry clipmaps and array of texure

    Ok. But say i have a complete 2d footprints of a clipmap (12 blocks mesh, two L-shaped meshes and the cross mesh), how can i, in vertex shader, reproduce the various scaled versions (1 for each level)? The only solution i can think is produce on CPU all scaled version of 2D vertex positions, and it means that i produce (if say L the number of clipmap levels) L versions of the 2D footprints and send them on GPU.
  2. Hi all this is my first post on this forum. First of all i want to say you that i've searched many posts on this forum about this specific argument, without success, so i write another one.... Im a beginner. I want use GPU geometry clipmaps algorithm to visualize virtual inifinte terrains. I already tried to use vertex texture fetch with a single sampler2D with success. Readed many papers about the argument and all speak about the fact that EVERY level of a geometry clipmap, has its own texture. What means this exactly? i have to upload on graphic card a sampler2DArray? With a single sampler2D is conceptually simple. Creating a vbo and ibo on cpu (the vbo contains only the positions on X-Z plane, not the heights) and upload on GPU the texture containing the elevations. In vertex shader i sample, for every vertex, the relative height to te uv coordinate. But i can't imagine how can i reproduce various 2d footprint for every level of the clipmap. The only way i can imagine is follow: Upload the finer texture on GPU (entire heightmap). Create on CPU, and for each level of clipmap, the 2D footprints of entire clipmap. So in CPU i create all clipmap levels in terms of X-Z plane. In vertex shader sampling these values is simple using vertex texture fetch. So, how can i to sample a sampler2DArray in vertex shader, instead of upload a sampler2D of entire clipmap? Sorry for my VERY bad english, i hope i have been clear.
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