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  1. GlassBear

    Asterion Labyrinth Official Teaser Trailer

    Thank you!!
  2. GlassBear

    Asterion: Environment Art

    From the team of Asterion we want to show you a small preview of how our level is looking so far.. We have been working on textures and props and we are really happy with the results. Any feedback would be appreciated! Thank you!
  3. GlassBear

    Asterion Labyrinth Official Teaser Trailer

    Thank you so much!! We will keep this thread updated with news of our development :)! If you want stay tunned you can visit us at: http://glass-bear.com/ and subscribe to our newsteller to find out first about Asterion. Thank you a lot for that comment! We are really happy you like it!
  4. Hi everyone, Glass Bear Studio is proud to present the official teaser trailer of ASTERION, a role - adventure game where you will follow a brave minotaur on his way out of the labyrinth. ASTERION will be released on PC and Mac. Follow us on: Facebook : @asterionthegame Twitter : @asteriongame Instagram : @asteriongame Web: www.glassbear.ml
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