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  1. Jacob McGivern

    Unity or Unreal

    You can find me on my daily twitch stream. Feel free to come on in, and we can start bouncing ideas and then start using Unity Collab (if Unity is the way you want to go). I just started Unity this week, but if you're willing to work with me, I am too! Edit: <<<< Twitch link under my profile pic
  2. Jacob McGivern

    Landing an Internship/Job(Programming)

    I wouldn't recommend putting anything in your portfolio that is NOT complete. It must be complete and polished. That'll look good to an employer. Seeing a lot of work is nice, but seeing your determination to complete and fine tune is something that not everyone does. Finish your portfolio items!
  3. Jacob McGivern

    Study group

    Hey Michael, I was the same thing today. It would be great to have several people to talk/study/learn with about beginner gavedev + encourage. I am a beginner developer who just downloaded Unity today. You said you wanted to interact so it would be a fun experience -> I stream all of my learning + Unity + C++ learning on Twitch. twitch.tv/jacob_McG . Feel free to come on in (I stream daily) and hang and learn with me! I get some very advanced people in my channel who help me, maybe they can help you too!
  4. Jacob McGivern

    Simple advice for a beginner game-developer

    I'm in the same boat. I learned about 2 years of Java and then stopped programming for a couple years. I was in car accidents and had to drop out. I realized my thinking skills decreased dramatically and I wanted to start programming again. I picked up Java, but wanted more of a challenge. I started c++, which now my school which starts this year will also go into C++. However, I transitioned to Unity because I wanted a wider range of topics to learn. I'm seeing a lot of jobs outside of gamedev that look for C#. The thing is, Java+ C++ + C# are all Object Oriented. I think that just having that 5-6 years of experience with a portfolio to show for it will be plenty for a recruiter to notice and accept you. TLDR; Keep coding. They are all OOP and you'll get better + experience. Start building a portfolio anyway you can and you will improve overall.
  5. Jacob McGivern

    Unity or Unreal

    As I beginner dev myself, I put some time into researching each one. I'm going to assume that you'll probably not be looking into the financial aspects of things (which I would propose Unity has the better option for keeping the most money), but on an ease of learning curve. For myself, today was my first day in learning UNITY. I chose this because it has the easier learning curve and has C# Scripting. This seems un-intuitive because I learned c++ and my university also teaches c++. But I found jobs these days wanting more C# because of the uses outside game dev. Unreal is probably the more 'hardcore' choice, but Unity can probably do everything as a beginner from what my research has told me.
  6. Jacob McGivern

    Earnings and Statistics from my 4th Android Game

    First off, I'm honored that you viewed my blog/website. Probably my first viewer on that! Secondly, If you can't get friends/family... visit the gamedev discord and post it there. I feel there are more people besides me who would be willing to be a game tester (for free). Build a community around yourself and your game (once you can get some screenshots/gameplay/trailer/.... ect. Maybe start a dev blog! I'm not sure where you are in your game exactly, but i'd be willing to follow/retweet developer blogs and updates. I'm just beginning to learn to gavedev (started Unity today), so I know its going to be a challenge to market and get your game out.
  7. Jacob McGivern

    Earnings and Statistics from my 4th Android Game

    Heads up! Don't set yourself with doubt at only 50%. Maybe get some family/friend support to look at a it and give you ideas/inspiration. You got this! Keep it going and it will turn out awesome!
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