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  1. Plummet Studios

    My Personal Take on a Horror Game Universe!

    The player was chosen to be in "The Defiance" while the creature and an important character are from the F.S.A. Because of your involvement with "The Defiance", the F.S.A. refuses to release you from the subway tunnels but wants to keep you for questioning.
  2. Hello everyone! I'm developing a game called "End of the Line", as a story-driven first-person horror stealth game. The main story revolves around a government agency, named the F.S.A., that captures and contains anomalous creatures or items that can't be explained by science. Think SCP but with quite a few differences. In the game's storyline, the agency is a worldwide conspiracy that was built to "protect" people from ever knowing about the true horrors of the world. Giant facilities pop up disguised as things like climate control centers or power facilities while secretly containing anomalies. The main struggle in the game comes from a group of civilians known as "The Defiance" with the sole goal of exposing the lies of the F.S.A. with a recruiter named "M" that interacts with players through messages and other hints. I wanted to stray away from quite a few horror tropes with this game so no devil worshipping, cults, crazy mental asylums, school children, or any of that stuff that's been seen time and time again. Just you and a killer creature slowly stalking you to drive you insane while you are trapped in a subway system. If there are any suggestions or criticism, I'd love to hear them! Thanks for all of your time!
  3. Plummet Studios

    End of the Line Progress (10/10/2018)

    "End of the Line" development has been at its fastest since the beginning of development, trying to reach its mid-late December Alpha release! Some amazing work has gone into the planning of such a complex story universe with many characters, groups, and locations all coming together to form one story. Expect the hints of the large mysteries involved in the series to start coming out around Halloween! Gameplay-wise, the game has received some major fixes and work on the code since the beginning of the month. Most of the voice actors planned have recorded their necessary lines so we're waiting on some last minute stragglers to finish up! It's very exciting to see all the effort that people are putting in for this game. A new story route is being finalized which will change the end drastically and allow for more choices to affect gameplay. The interactivity between the enemy and environment is being implemented as I type! It has been an amazing week for development and I can't wait to update all of you guys!
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