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  1. smit patil

    Mobile SFML in android

    Can I use SFML to create a android app and is it good idea to do so ? I am so confuse right now to choose between SFML and SDL to learn . I liked SFML cause it is more Object oriented but Don't have android support(yet) on the other hand SDL have android support but is C based API.Some post on github tell that it is possible to use SFML in android but my question is that is it good Idea to do so? will app made in SFML C++ perform worse or equal to Java app on android ? I am really noob to Android and Game development.I can Only make some small Android apps using Java on Android and some some Calculator level apps using GTK+ on Linux, So I am pretty noob here. I don't know which to chose SDL or SFML but as My requirement for Android and Linux please also suggest me that should I choose SFML or SDL for learning ? Thanks for help in advance
  2. thanks But now I am thinking of trying out GODOT engine as it is open source , But I have new question now. Should Directly go for learning any game engine (Except Unity Cause I don't know C#) or should I learn SDL and OpenGL basics before starting ?
  3. Thanks for reply small mean I want to make small FPS(First person shooter).
  4. I am at the first year of diploma and I am planing to make a nice small 2D or 3D First Person Shooter game . As I mentioned I am just at first year in IT ,I Dont know much about game developing but I do know lots of more things that normal 1st and even 3rd year students . I Know Java,C,C++ and little bit of python and GTK+ framework . I am currently trying to learn SDL and Qt with C++. I will also happily learn new technology if required to make games. Now my main Question's are:- How much time will it take to make SMALL 2D game as a single person in SDL while LEARNING SDL ? How much time will it take to make SMALL 3D game as a single person in SDL while LEARNING SDL ? Will learning Qt help me make games faster or with High performance ? My main platform is Linux and Android.I don't care if It runs on windows or Mac but it should run fine on Linux . Thanks in advance
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