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  1. I'm hoping to get some help with a decision that is increasingly hard to make with the more research I do. I would like to become a game developer, or to be more specific, a game programmer. I prefer to say developer as I would like to know some aspects of design, but my skill set is more geared towards the math and science rather than the art, and programming is a very useful skill to be good at these days. I am currently enrolled in an online program to get a BS in game development and programming, but unfortunately I hate it. It's the program, the way it's set up is not going to teach me anything. So I need to switch schools and stop wasting money. My question is should I pursue a computer science degree, or software development, ect. or try to find another game development program? Although I enjoy all aspects of working with computers, my interests lay in game dev and programming, so which degree should would give me the best odds of getting a job in the industry? Thanks in advance for the help!
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