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  1. Hello Everyone! I’m Gézu, 3D artist of Not Yet. In these blog series I would like to talk about our current project Warriorb and how it’s developed. Before I dive into it here is a short introduction on who we are: Anna does all our 2D art including artworks, UI elements, and textures and she also works on the environment design. She decided to postpone University so that she can spend more time on the project. She joined us last September. Csaba is a programmer and founder of Not Yet. He is the only one who worked on games in a professional environment before – his most significant job was at Grimlore Games working on Spellforce 3 as a tech/tool programmer. Now that he works on Warriorb full time he also contributes to level and game design. Dany is also a programmer. He created our website and the free dialogue plugin for UE4. He likes to contribute to open source projects and he is responsible for our Linux support. Csaba met him when they were both working on SuperTuxKart. When he is not doing some internship at Google he works full time on Warriorb. Gézu: I come up with the idea of Warriorb. I do the 3D work and I’m also working on the environment, story and game design. Disclaimer: the post contains outdated images and gameplay footage which does not represent the current state of the project. I started the project with Csaba in 2015 December. We wanted to create a short side-scroller but as it turned out we were unable to keep things simple. I started by creating the pre-version of our main character. The idea was a ball who has limbs which he uses as arms and legs. I did a run cycle animation for him and because we both found it funny we agreed that he will be our main character. Back there we called him Sorbcerer. Very first look of the game and the characters: Later we had an idea: what if instead of a straight line we bend the path of the character in 3D space? So he can still use the standard four direction however his path is a curving road, a spline. Csaba started to work on the code side of it. First prototype of the game. I hope I'm not the only one who founds the current one better. Since I was not an expert at 3D arts we were planning to seek for other 3D artists. I was focusing mostly on animation and I also did a little rigging and modelling. We didn’t want to hurry off recruiting and we wanted to show our project to others when it was worth seeing. So I started to make contents, but it didn’t go well at the beginning. Almost all my work from the first year were later deleted or reworked. Yet when we thought that ok, the project is now good enough we also realised that we can do all the 3D work we need. Getting a bit better at 3D: When the project turned out to be much more than we expected Dany also joined us and started to work on our dialogue editor. Later when Anna finished her school she also joined us full time. She started by designing the architecture of Grey Gate (one of the game’s main areas) and npc characters. Her works and imagination improved our visuals a lot. And finally we felt we have everything we need to finish our game as we first dreamed. Concept art for an important area: Ancient Arcade. Thank you for reading, if you have any question feel free to ask it. The next blog post will be about scope and how our 6 month project grew to 3 years. See you next time!
  2. Warriorb

    Being summoned to another world and forced into a physical body is never a pleasant experience. The fact that you find yourself imprisoned inside a ball does not help the situation, either. Using your enthralling powers you manage to shape the body into a better form – having two limbs is better than having none after all, right? You also create a pair of eyes to have a better look at your situation – it is even worse than you expected. Not remembering anything from your previous life might be a blessing at this point. Are you ready to face whatever stands between you and your freedom? Spline based side-scroller in a full 3D environment Deadly traps to challenge your skills and reflexes Puzzles to give you some time to think between traps Friendly fellows to have a chat with on how the World will end Not so friendly fellows to have some more serious conversation with on how the World will end Traders, collectible items, weapons, clothes A fabulous story about a Wizard trying to get his daughter back, a World falling apart, and a spirit trapped inside a ball-body
  3. Kannagara OSTs; feedback wanted!

    Hi, I'm not a composer so this is just a music listener's feedback: I like the first one the most, especially the beginning before the loop. Don't know why but in some parts it reminds me the first Age of wonders soundtrack. For me the other two is ok but nothing special.
  4. Financial Nimbatus - How a free demo got our game funded

    Nice and detailed, thank you!
  5. Hi, I would like to ask your opinion on what's the best way for marketing your game project and building it's community. I've done some research here is what I got so far: - Website, twitter (update often), trailer, demo, blog, press kit, contact journalists. Any hint or experience?
  6. retopology help

    You are welcome! To understand what a facial topology should be I recommend you this video.
  7. Art Program

    Krita. Btw I never tried Medibang so I might will have a look on that one as well.
  8. retopology help

    Hello, if you are on free tutorials I recommend you to check this one. What would you like to retopologize? Once you know how to do it you need to know what and why to do. If you are preparing the mesh for animation you will need further researches on what your topology should be like.
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