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  1. Vitor Leal

    Should I use game engine? Why and which one?

    But that's the thing: when I use a complete engine I feel that I am not learning at all. I don't know if that is silly, but I am really a beginner on game development. Should I use low level libraries? I've been playing around with LibGDX and find it nice, though.
  2. Hi! I am currently a highschool student who truly loves programming and gaming and I would love to start to make some simple 2D games but with nice ideas. I don't pretend and can't spend money, that's why I am aiming at free stuff that could help me. Currently I am developing my own REALLY simple game engine using Java, creating windows and a mini game inside it(like Pong, etc), but I aim to export games to Android/iOS and I feel that I should use a game engine for that even though I really like to create one by myself, since I feel like I am learning from that. I also have experience with C#, and used it a lot to make some Windows programs and play around with Unity3D. What do you guys think about it?
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