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  1. DevLog #31 - Night Level

    A static night scene
  2. The fire grows as you spend time in the game As the fire grows the story progresses. When the fire goes out, the story stops. You keep the fire alive by maintaining a streak
  3. The player can now get dropped into the game and go from beginning to end. Player HUD completed. New player tutorial completed
  4. Home map completed

    Its what you do on the mountain that counts. Fear not. There are no spoilers - the game's narrative is different from the usual approach. Much love for commenting

    PLAYNE is a game designed to help you find calm and focus. You play a character who has moved away from the cities to live in a forest. Your campfire grows as you spend time meditating. As your fire grows, characters start to visit you and you realise that the fate of the world depends on you.
  6. Home map completed

    Just completed the home map. There is where you start and end the game.
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