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  1. Hello All,There has been quite a few updates to the project so I figured its best to compress them all on here to let you all know how we have progresses. Fox is here Fox is a guide, a friend, and a all round great guy. He is a central character to the gameplay. We’ve started with a basic dialogue tree, but we will be expanding this out as the game develops. Range of topics can vary! Player Levelling We’ve tweaked and improved the player levelling. In case you missed it, meditating/playing daily will activate a streak system, which will level up your character. Why are streaks so important? Because consistency is crucial to get the full benefits of meditation. This is why streaks are at the heart of our game. Your character level is linked to your playne, as your character grows your playne grows with you. More details in the ‘World Evolution’ topic below. The World We wanted to create a world that is calming and we wanted nature to be at the heart of it. We spent a lot of time putting together the right assets to create a lush environment that just helps you to Zen-tf-out Day time Night Time + Fireflies Aurora Borialis Dynamic Day/Night system and campfire linked to your streaks As you maintain streaks the world will transitions from night to day and your campfire will grow. Each player level signifies a day, so when you level-up the day and campfire will reset again. But when the time/campfire resets, you should notice changes in the game world which wern’t there before. More details in the ‘World Evolution’ topic below. World Evolution is Here You begin the game with an empty world but it will grow as you progress. As you level up you’ll notice trees, grass, fireflies and a lot more getting added to your world. The trees will be the most visually striking element of your playne. They will start as a wee sprout and will grow to become glorious, majestic trees, as long as you maintain your streak and level up your character! Ambient Sounds + Music We've added a range of deep, encompassing nature ambient sounds to your playne. There are layers of audio which transitions with the dynamic time system. Music has also been added. Full list of fixes (from alpha) and updates Fixes / additions from alpha build: some dialogue audio added fix: Camera transitions has been added – swish! fix: button added to go to the beginning of the dialogue tree Updated HUD with level and days to level info You now create a streak after completing your first session You are now notified when you level up fix : Displayed level numbers are now correct fix : Moved player level info from bottom footer to its own space on the header fix : Progress bar now only resets if your streak resets fix : Issues resolved where first session was not getting saved fix : Streak status is now checked when you load the game Lighting has been redesigned to add more visual sass Moon position has been fixed indirect lighting recalculates correctly now on load various other optimisations - 30% GPU load reduced Ground textures have been reworded Optimisations to improve GPU utilisation fix : Start time updates so its sunny for longer


    PLAYNE is a game designed to help you find calm and focus. You play a character who has moved away from the cities to live in a forest. Your campfire grows as you spend time meditating. As your fire grows, characters start to visit you and you realise that the fate of the world depends on you.

    DevLog #10 - Night Level


    DevLog #10 - Night Level

    A static night scene

    DevLog #9 - Campfire functionality

    The fire grows as you spend time in the game As the fire grows the story progresses. When the fire goes out, the story stops. You keep the fire alive by maintaining a streak
  6. The player can now get dropped into the game and go from beginning to end. Player HUD completed. New player tutorial completed

    Home map completed

    Its what you do on the mountain that counts. Fear not. There are no spoilers - the game's narrative is different from the usual approach. Much love for commenting

    Home map completed

    Just completed the home map. There is where you start and end the game.


    Album for PLAYNE
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