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  1. Those are some great insights! I appreciate it very much! Unfortunately I have to support both platforms ;). It's for my Master's thesis, and I'm doing a comparison between HHDs and HMDs. Concerning the Leap Motion: - I definitely hadn't thought the USB port issue through, however, I'm planning a collaborative game, so I'll have a server that can hopefully expose necessary leap motion stuff over of service. - I'm planning on implementing multiple UIs for the different devices, so the gesture stuff will be more aimed at HMDs, but I haven't ruled out trying one handed gestures for HHDs. Would you suggest Unity with or without Vuforia?
  2. I'm near to starting an AR project that needs to support both Android devices and the HoloLens. I'm planning a tabletop game with minimal tracked objects and likely a LeapMotion to recognize hand gestures. What SDK (or combination of SDKs) exist that support both of these devices with (as much as possible) a single codebase? I'm very new to Unity and game development. From my reading, it sounds like the Vuforia+Unity+Windows 10 SDK combo should do it, but it's not clear to me how much platform specific code would be involved or if I would need two entirely separate code projects. I'd also appreciate any intuition related to: how these SDKs relate to each other (eg. what does Vufori add to Unity) what sort of code is device specific other recommendations for SDKs that support both platforms
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