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  1. Kannagara

    Help and advice needed

    I really like the choice of instruments and the flow of the track, it fits the described theme really well IMO. As nsmadsen already said tho, it could really use a bit more attack to bring up the energy level. Maybe try adding a few kick drums here and there? All in all it's still a really fun track to listen to, keep it up!
  2. Kannagara

    Kannagara OSTs; feedback wanted!

    Thanks! That's really nice to hear!
  3. Hello! I've been trying to make my way into the world of game audio design and I was wondering how my music sounds to outside observers, so if you've got some free time to spare, please check out a few of my tracks below and let me know what you think! (I'm also releasing a new track every friday, with the intend to focus on a different theme and/or feeling with every release to and try and demonstrate my abilities as a composer as good as possible, so don't hesitate to give me a follow if you like what you hear.)
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