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  1. Warchief Swan

    Lore & Mythology to RPG SIM:

    I quoted you to let you know who I'm speaking to, but since I can't be honest and express my opinion of your critique without getting forum mods in an uproar. I'll just leave it at you assume too much, and I disagree thoroughly with your presumptive analytical analysis in nearly every corresponding exigence. And I'm not "Job's", but I do program, smart guy.
  2. Warchief Swan

    Lore & Mythology to RPG SIM:

    I began mild, aggressive was given back as the recourse of over aggressive opinionation. Opinions are fine, but if they descent to the point of ridicule its better to just move on to a post you can be constructive on. In who's opinion? In my opinion and several people I have blogged with, it would be very fun and we each mentioned how we hate shallow or non-existent lore. There would need to be a choice mechanic based on a few core basic's that would be wide ranging but of course not infinite, it wouldn't be that hard, just time consuming, and I'm not a corporate entity, so no pressure to please the management or the text length thinking programmer. Funny. I developed the idea on the basis that as an RTS player I'd like RPG in the same setting to broaden the scope of my experience. Why did Skyrim add a Hearth Home DLC? They made a building and management addition to a game that was fine alone but not enough to some players. There is no confusion. I understand you are trying to help me avoid that hypothetical scenario, but I see the idea as coining a new genre and not fitting either of the old descriptions. If that's threatening to categorical standards I simply wouldn't care. The description would apply to the persons who are looking past current genre in game and hoping for a break in trends only the industry has set in stone. The limiter is lifted in the concept. I don't see how you missed that. There will be premium dynamics for the premium player that the free or casual late starter will not get to partake in at all, but nothing is cut off when the mortal phases begin. There is just one stage within another, with a management aspect controlling NPC monster growth, magical or infernal energy distribution, ect.. I'm being so tight lipped because vampiric watchers will slurp up the idea and implement in their own game even as they label it a fail in a forum. To discourage a concept originator or another developer while they work it up as if they were a genius. And does it have to be vastly populated? Or is the main reason the many generic RPG games out fail is because of jaded players who critique a beta to death before it even has time to correct the mechanics or other issues? I'm of a new opinion that people think they have sound opinions but really, they don't know what they want until you hand it to them complete and well crafted. Thank's. I can see that. And tried to illustrate that would be the case in the brief overview I gave in that link. Ideal. That's a suggestion we can all live with! And I would go one farther and let premium players have a voice in the literal creation of the world maps. As we focus group the internal players and focus less on any outsider intrusive elements.
  3. Warchief Swan

    Lore & Mythology to RPG SIM:

    Sure thing. Is there a button to remove posts from a thread I opened in good faith that I find lacking in sound advice and not helpful in any way. That would be ideal.
  4. Warchief Swan

    Lore & Mythology to RPG SIM:

    1. Yes, I wrote the text. 2. And yes it sounds cool, and no, I do have a way and means to see it through that doesn't involve too much work in new code or high graphic output. Low poly can work in some key phases, but the main cosmetics would look great. I could get a studio to do it, but I'd rather brainstorm it with my own team and do it right, not rushed. 3. I play tons of MMORPG's, that's first off. Most suck and seem like a cheap rushed to shelf/steam clone of WoWC. I would love to play this game in all it's phases and aim for god dominance from the first beta launch. The common app testing non-player would pass on this. The old school "Vampire Masquerade" crowd would love it and live on the server every waking second RL provided to their hobby. Any DM from the AD&D world would at least try it if they are a true world driver. And a few GM's from other games might like to try it. The crowd for the god foundations is there albeit a touch exclusive and likely not the under 20 player. I'm thinking of even allowing winning and staying god player direct seats on the dev and admin councils for server life. The main draw, is that no one world server in this game would be remotely the same as the last one or the next one, and many players find that very appealing in a jungle of titles that are the exact same trash. Any post's not focused on being rude or negative, at all?
  5. Warchief Swan

    Lore & Mythology to RPG SIM:

    Sounds like a good example of how can a troll this guy and try to blanket assess things I have no idea about in broad equally vague brushstrokes of ignorance. Since you can't follow directions and not troll me, I'm going to be a civil as I can with you. 1. Vague is the point, the only explained components are mentioned. It's a creation game, so player idea's will figure highly, but there will be implementable data provided that is within the game engine's limits. 2. I'm glad your honest opinion isn't the industry standard else I fear for the majority of games being developed under such a narrow scope of thought. 3. The server will be dedicated to the god player accounts, but there will be engine AI, as the obvious duh. They could not play for months and the AI will have run without them, with no need for their interaction. They could quit, and it would run. You seem to be overlooking stupidity on that front would have to be programed in to the core code to allow such an idiotic failure. 4. You suck at reading comprehension, IMHO. The gods can and will effect the entire world indirectly. The thing about gods is they take a break from physical interactions and focus on subtlety in mortal lives, (a recovery period after god war) and there are various phases of server interaction in the stages of change you seem to not grasp the concept of at all. It's a basic RPG theme dating as far back as the 1970's; the gods fought and are now feeding on the worship of followers to recharge their greater powers. 5. A lot of money? No one said a lot of money. You said a lot of money. A lot of players paying a little money is the right approach, but I'm thinking it should phase out to less expensive payment over time and never confer an advantage if you join later after world creation. We'd sell cosmetic customization items and skills, but nothing to effect game leveling or power. That will be up to the player to earn in game. The only advantaged players will have spent the extra money early to be mighty, but no one account is "Critical" to game progression. However, certain "champions" could be chosen at the whim of a god player and be made greater. Rather than thinking you know everything that could or would arise from development, you should consider that the team may interject missing parameters or remove existing elements at will as the creation comes together. You may also take the exclusive intellect cap off and consider every word you are thinking as having been thought of 20 times and forgotten before you ever typed it, but thanks. Now we don't have to cover it all again.
  6. Warchief Swan

    Lore & Mythology to RPG SIM:

    I got disciplined for my last post. I didn't realize the error I'm thankful to say was brought to my attention, but now I have the proper permissions to post a link to the OP on another sight for review and discussion here mainly, but if you have a membership there the topic kinda went flat so any positive posts or curious posts will be welcomed and answered in good time. I tend to get tied up in RL just trying to pay the bills, but I won't let more than 4 weeks tops pass without a check in I can assure you. http://www.indiedb.com/forum/thread/lore-mythology-to-rpg-sim The infamous link, now we can discuss it, and spitball any suggestions or idea's and complementary feedback that will serve to prove the foundation is solid or no. The short of it is a genre blinder with RST & RPG focus, but possibly a fighting game aspect for duels.
  7. I got your warning, but the deletion wasn't necessary, dude. Did you read my link on my post? It isn't a game release note its another site forum where I detailed my design. I just posted the link there to get both forums viewing it.




    There is no game to plug, so I didn't violate your rule. I just wanted to send readers there because it was well written out already and it saves me time. I plan on posting it on a lot of game development threads. That link is the original idea and serves to validate it as my intellectual property. Can you make the acceptation this once?


    Note: Just asking here because I want to be compliant and not an offender.

    1. Tom Sloper

      Tom Sloper

      Go ahead and post again, but you need to tell people what you're doing. Don't just post a subject line and a link. Your first post was just a link to another forum. Our forum is for discussions here on our forum.

    2. Warchief Swan

      Warchief Swan

      Right, I did that with a reply post, in effect spamming my OP. My bad on that, and I will detail the desire to discuss it as instructed..

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