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  1. Lore & Mythology to RPG SIM:

    I got disciplined for my last post. I didn't realize the error I'm thankful to say was brought to my attention, but now I have the proper permissions to post a link to the OP on another sight for review and discussion here mainly, but if you have a membership there the topic kinda went flat so any positive posts or curious posts will be welcomed and answered in good time. I tend to get tied up in RL just trying to pay the bills, but I won't let more than 4 weeks tops pass without a check in I can assure you. http://www.indiedb.com/forum/thread/lore-mythology-to-rpg-sim The infamous link, now we can discuss it, and spitball any suggestions or idea's and complementary feedback that will serve to prove the foundation is solid or no. The short of it is a genre blinder with RST & RPG focus, but possibly a fighting game aspect for duels.
  2. I got your warning, but the deletion wasn't necessary, dude. Did you read my link on my post? It isn't a game release note its another site forum where I detailed my design. I just posted the link there to get both forums viewing it.




    There is no game to plug, so I didn't violate your rule. I just wanted to send readers there because it was well written out already and it saves me time. I plan on posting it on a lot of game development threads. That link is the original idea and serves to validate it as my intellectual property. Can you make the acceptation this once?


    Note: Just asking here because I want to be compliant and not an offender.

    1. Tom Sloper

      Go ahead and post again, but you need to tell people what you're doing. Don't just post a subject line and a link. Your first post was just a link to another forum. Our forum is for discussions here on our forum.

    2. Warchief Swan

      Right, I did that with a reply post, in effect spamming my OP. My bad on that, and I will detail the desire to discuss it as instructed..

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