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    Hello, my name is Arrol Howze. I'm a trained animator and one half of the "Weird Castle" team. My sister and I are creating a Pixel/3D underwater platformer for mobile. Pics or it didn't happen right? We are pretty much finished with a playable demo of the "Basic Pond". My sister is coding this one, while I still learning (when I'll find the time, I'll decide on a small project). I'd say we just need to adjust the colors, she's working on the saving mechanism, and re-adjusting the assets for "player flow." Anyway we want to launch a Kickstarter to recoup some of our costs on the demo. When we release the demo, post it around and use that exposure to get some angel investment. We're going for the "activism game" market with ocean conservation, and want to work with various aquatic charities, etc. But none of this is possible without an Internet following. I've been told hooking up with a community would be smart for various reasons, chief among them advice. SO WHAT SHOULD WE DO? 1. Slowly try to grow our fan base on concept alone for the next 2 months (deadline), before a playable demo? 2. Launch a Kickstarter for the demo NOW and shop the campaign around? 3. Some other option I haven't considered? Weird Castle is also open for gigs: castleweird@gmail.com So if you like what you see, and want to PAY for some help hit us up with an email. We do 2D, 3D, Cinema Effects, Animation, Coding, Graphic Design, Pixel Art, Vector Art and more, between us. Don't be shy. www.weirdcastleinc.com
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