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  1. Adam Kaczmarski

    Game engine to be launched from C# application

    Yeah, I meant that. Sorry, if I explained that badly. I want to run game's .exe, if using unity, but I am wondering if there is any need to do so. I mean, it should be somehow light and I am not quite sure if making game in Unity (or any other engine) isn't a little over the top. What do you think?
  2. Adam Kaczmarski

    Game engine to be launched from C# application

    The application is already done and game is going to be an addition to it. So, the second option is impossible. My advisor told me that maybe I should do it in openGL or DirectX (with C# overlays ofc.). Is that a good option?
  3. Hello, I am going to make a game as a part of my Engineer's Thesis, but I am stuck at the beginnig (as always). I have simple information app made in C#, from which the game should be launched, with possible comeback to it. My problem is, that I am not sure what engine to pick, that would suitable for such implementation. Game is going to use Kinect as controls and should have at least simple graphics, it can be even 2D. I was trying something in Unity before, but it is huge environment and I am not sure if can be launched and closed basing on C# application. Does someone know what engine would be suitable?
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