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  1. Same advice, start with a simple platform, or maybe and endless runner 2d. Yo will learn a lot of thinks to use in your dreamed game.
  2. Pere Martra

    Giskard in the dark

    Now is finished, and you can download and play for free, with no disturbinf Adds in the playing zone. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=martra.uadla.giskard Giskard needs your help to escape from this curious universes. He only wants to return where the humans live, to protect them. Help Giskard, collecting keys, gems, and open doors to incredible worlds where the physics is relative. This is my first game, and my intention is use it as a lab. The art is very simple, I’m a real newbie to game development, and I use a lot of simple and standard assets from Unity. The main character is simple too, and it was made with pikselapp. Please feel free to give me some advices, I will welcome It. New backgrounds and effects
  3. Pere Martra

    Game Engine Decisions

    Hi Stebssbet, It's difficult for me to say, because I can only spend some night hours to learn, I have a full job and two daughters. But I've been learning WEB development (javascript) more or lees for 12 month, and I spend 7 -10 hours per week, some weeks less, some weeks more. But I have 0 knowledge about Internet development, i had good C++ Background, but nothing about HTML, or javascript. And I did a website, that is fully functional, and responsive, and in the google cloud http://www.uadla.com. (It's in spanish). With Unity, at the beginning was a shock, but after the first hours everything is more simple. I started maybe in november 2017, and spend some more hours per week, maybe between 10-15 per week. My games are very simple!!!!, You can check: https://www.kongregate.com/games/oopere/giskard-in-the-dark The main problem with Unity isn't the script language, the problem is that all is new: You need to work with the characters, and learn how to create some. I use piskelapp https://www.piskelapp.com/ for 2d characters, and now I'm starting with Blender for the 3d characters. Don't be afraid, just keep the first projects simple ;-)
  4. Pere Martra

    Game Engine Decisions

    Stebssbets (near to impossible to write without a copy paste ;-)) I'm in a similar situation, some months ago I was learnign HTML, JAvascript, CSS and python for web development. Just some weeks ago I started with game development, I spend some time looking different games, and i was tempted to user Unity with javascript. But at the End I started with Unity and C#, the language isn't really the most important. I did just two games with Unity one in 3d and the other in 2D (the second is in KONGREGATE). My advice is: Keep the things simple! Do one game, after that another, learn, do games at the same time you are learning, and don't be afraid to publish your games. Why UNITY? Because I can do 3d, 2d, VR, AV, Mobile... all in the same framework, and my time is really limited, I know that maybe isn't the best for 2d, or 3d, but by the moment, I have no Idea what kind of games i'm going to specialize if any. Best Regards. Pere Martra.
  5. Pere Martra

    Giskard in the dark

    Album for Giskard in the dark
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