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  1. Yosef BenSadon

    Ray tracing 60 FPS on Tablet.

    Thanks for your feedback, the technology is the ray tracing graphics engine, all the other features are done by unity's AR platform. So ray tracing would just be overkill for gaming today? even if it provides accurate global lighting?
  2. Yosef BenSadon

    Ray tracing 60 FPS on Tablet.

    Hi , I was considering this start up http://adshir.com/, for investment and i would like a little bit of feedback on what the developers community think about the technology. So far what they have is a demo that runs in real time on a Tablet at over 60FPS, it runs locally on the integrated GPU of the i7 . They have a 20 000 triangles dinosaur that looks impressive, better than anything i saw on a mobile device, with reflections and shadows looking very close to what they would look in the real world. They achieved this thanks to a new algorithm of a rendering technique called Path tracing/Ray tracing, that is very demanding and so far it is done mostly for static images. From what i checked around there is no real option for real time ray tracing (60 FPS on consumer devices). There was imagination technologies that were supposed to release a chip that supports real time ray tracing, but i did not found they had a product in the market or even if the technology is finished as their last demo i found was with a PC. The other one is OTOY with their brigade engine that is still not released and if i understand well is more a cloud solution than in hardware solution . Would there be a sizable interest in the developers community in having such a product as a plug-in for existing game engines? How important is Ray tracing to the future of high end real time graphics?
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