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  1. I already am a professional developer, have been for more than a decade. I am not a professional game developer and have no desire to be. I do have a desire to make a working title, while maintaining the flexibility to create my own non-graphic related systems in native C++.
  2. Back around 2006 I spent a good year or two reading books, articles on this site, and gobbling up everything game dev related I could. I started an engine in DX10 and got through basics. I eventually gave up, because I couldn't do the harder things. Now, my C++ is 12 years stronger, my mind is trained better, and I am thinking of giving it another go. Alot has changed. There is no more SDK, there is evidently a DX Toolkit, XNA died, all the sweet sites I used to go to are 404, and google searches all point to Unity and Unreal. I plainly don't like Unity or Unreal, but might learn them for reference. So, what is the current path? Does everyone pretty much use the DX Toolkit? Should I start there? I also read that DX12 is just expert level DX11, so I guess I am going DX 11. Is there a current and up to date list of learning resources anywhere? I am about tired of 404s..
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