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  1. @Zakwayda thanks man, I will try your approach
  2. Hello. I'm pretty new in Unity and I wonder how and what should I use in Unity to create smooth and physics-like tile moving in my match-3 game? This is example of game, where tile movements are most attractive for me
  3. Alexander Nazarov

    Nuances in the creation of the game Match-3

    @Zakwayda thank you a lot!
  4. Alexander Nazarov

    Nuances in the creation of the game Match-3

    @Zakwayda, couldn't you answer one more question? I have separated my game logic from the view. It woks without any animations and visual effects. Now the question is how can I properly bind my view(animation, effects etc.) with my logic. When I find match3 cells on the board and delete them in logic, there can be several operation that logic does instantly (deletes match3, explodes something, generates another cool element). How can I simulate this actions in my view? And another question, is it bad solution if I write all my logic in visual terms. I mean is my (M)(V)(C) based program will look like (MV)(C) i.d. logic and view will be one unit.
  5. Alexander Nazarov

    Nuances in the creation of the game Match-3

    @Zakwayda, thanks very much, you did me a huge favor with your advices!
  6. Alexander Nazarov

    Nuances in the creation of the game Match-3

    Thanks for your answer and sorry for not complete question. Yeap, I mean exactly this case. Games for example are HomeScapes, CandyCrash, Indy Cat. You can check that video below, set playback speed to 0.5 and you will see this effect. Yeap, I'm going to create my game using Unity. Can you suggest some advises for this type of game?
  7. Hi. I have some stupid questions about Match-3 game (CandyCrash, GardenScapes...). 1. How to organise the structure of the game? Should I use MVC pattern or apply more dynamical approach? 2. There can be a situation, when new game element is falling to an empty place not from top, but from the adjucent column? How can I implement this functionality? 3. What and why should I use for the game board: game space or GridLayoutGroup in Canvas??
  8. Hello. I'm newby in Unity and just start learning basics of this engine. I want to create a game like StackJump (links are below). And now I wondering what features do I have to use to create such my game. Should I use Physics engine or I can move objects changing transform manually in Update(). If I should use Physics can you in several words direct me how can I implement and what I have to use. Just general info, no need for detailed description of developing process. Game in PlayMarket Video of the game
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