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  1. Anthony Cao

    Marketing idea

    Yea but the grinding in those games are very rng based instead of achievement based.
  2. Okay, I want to find someone or a group whos in the process of making a browser game or mobile game or is interested in doing so. Im interested in guiding and help choose the route the general direction of the game should lean twards. Of course it is your game and you do have the rights to refuse the suggestions i have to improve the game, I have marketing concepts and ideas in mind and i do take time studying other strategies as well as come up with my own strategies for success. Look at it this way, you have a game you are trying to perfect, yet dont know how to raise a fanbase or increase player count, dont know how to generate revenue substantually. I have solutions to try, and as you may see it, I am your npc offering you the optional side quest to improve your game... Like normal side quests, they are optional but can be rewarding. I dont need money or asking for it either, because my service is free, but if it does lead to success then a generous donation or hiring me as a permenent team member in the future might work for the best for me.
  3. Programming i cannot do, but for the money issue I can help you with marketing strategies... Even tho thats never the intentions of browser developers in the first place, they always somehow gets egged on to do it. You did spend 1000+ hours on producing this.
  4. Anthony Cao

    Marketing idea

    Hiiii, so ive been studying marketing in my own time and I have experiments i wanna try do to past recorded strategies of other marketing strategies. Also im on Redbull, Dr Pepper and a 48 hour energy mixture soooooo excuse my preppy nature on my typing and grammer usage. As far as I can see I have a theory (actually I got hundreds of these), so as far as I know a game doesnt necessarily need to be advertised to be sucessful from the content publishers themself. There are other means to counter the forceful advertisment. Yea im not speaking of reviews and playthrews to go up in search ranking and relevancy tho that is a tactic that happens on its own. Sooo whats on my mind today is that online games pretty much baits the players to spend money to look smancy, now what if the fancy panties were to be grabable in game without the need to spend actual money. Then no one would spend anything right? What if i told you there is a way to trick players mentallity using this method in order to get them to spend money. Your probably thinking to yourself "go to sleep Anthony you are drunk"... Im energy high theres a different... If a function were to be available in game for free then by all means players would go the free route, now if the free route was difficult to achieve the player would quit the game and you will have a fanbase on those rage quiters (Dark Souls, and binding of isaac). If the free route was easy to perform yet very time consuming and grindy then thats more hours spent on the game. Now heres the trick, what if the option to purchase instead of grinding was available? Then the players would think, would they spend a full hour trying to fetch the item, which in a working net worth terms 10$... Or would they rather spend 3$ to get the item right away. [deleted by moderator] This weird drink mixture is making me lo key depressed. Alsooo what do you think about this marketing concept...
  5. Anthony Cao

    Rpg - Moba Hybrid

    Well im not exactly new to writing design concepts... I do them as a side hobby for the fun of it. If i could turn it into a career than I would, but unfortunetly it shall be a hobby for now. I also mathmatically figure out my own board game concepts too when I have free time. This is just one of my ideas. Mad Army of Thou Player controls a custom character (a moba without champions, how chaotic) The custom character will have a weapon, armor, trousers, and shoe of players equipment choice before the match begins. The players will also have 4 abilitiy rune slots, 3 regular and 1 ultimate. This allows ability to stay accustomed to play style, in a play it your way fashion. The equipment will effect players characters appearence as well as gameplay to provide the individual feel of a moba rpg hybrid. Ever get tired of the same old minions? In a boring 3 lane tower map of pure repetition. Customize your own minion layout with 100 different minion types. Players will craft their own minions (robotics? Jk... Sci-fi!!!) Players do get 10 starting minions. The minions can then be choiced a spawn point and route the player wish they took in PVP and survival mode. Minions are not used in story mode unless its a boss fight or 1v1 story ai. The PvP map will have becons, the goal is to aquire the most becon camps before 20 minutes to win the game, becons are spawn points for minions, players can acess the becon menu at any ally becons allowing the player to adjust their own personal minion spawns. Its a massive 5v5 map, take in mind players can only access their personal minion army choice of location not an allies, and thus communication is key to choice where a minion should go. Minions have unique stats to each type of minion. As for balancing of stats for the minions and player equipment, i have a formula to keep the game balanced. Minion stats example Mice- health 500, respawn 10 seconds, damage 50, attack spd .5, movement speed 10, range 1, passive none Fly- health 300, respawn 15 seconds, damage 50, attack spd .7, movement speed 10, range 6, passive none Spirit-health 300, respawn 20, damage 70, attack speed .8, speed 10, range 5, passive: Lifesteal 30% All minions are obtainable by playing story runs, raids, survival, and PvP, being that some are exclusive to some modes. Story, maps are the size of an arena, large but not too large. Easter eggs with tons of rewards, and i do love writing eggs. Its not an egg if it was easy, and it wont have a valuable reward unless it was well deserved. Can be co-op with a 5 man team, no minion to help you unfortunetly. There are a total of 10 story mission and maps to play on. More players the better the rewards but harder the difficulty. Raids - in a big open space or narrow single lane bridge, players have to work together either in a solo, 5 man, or 10 man co op to defeat the enemy. Player woth the army that did the most in scoring gets more loot. Score chart for raid loot 1st- 20 items 2nd- 18 items 3rd- 16 items 4th/5th 12 items 6th to 8th 10 items 9th/10th 8 items. Survival - defend a singe base camp from onslaught of enemy minions, if 20 touches base then its GG. Game ends when all 20 health is lost but player gets loot depending on how many enemies the player has defeated. Rare minion kills loot is shared with whole team. Uncommon and below spawns are depending on individual kill. I have a lot more balancing and design in my journal of this concept and many more. And i thought why not share for feedback.
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