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  1. _RoboCat_

    Little Memory

    Hi, I want to share with you my little project i made. It is simple Memory game (Android version at this moment, planning to release for IOS aswell). Little Memory - Google Store It's my first project in Unity i created to learn this environment and be prepare for making more serious projects i have in mind. Why Unity? - because i'm making all myself and wanted to save time. However Unity has its limitations and problems. (like file/install size). Available languages : Polish, English, Turkish (German in translation, French and Spanish in future plans). Cards sets are available to unlock with in-game currency and normal money. Blocking ads and unlocking current and future content is available with small fee. (planning to add more sets/languages/game modes etc in future). Thanks for your interest
  2. _RoboCat_

    Little Memory

    Album for Little Memory
  3. _RoboCat_

    Common question of Unity begginers

    For me it looks like made with physics, jump u could make with transform and tweaking values but its clearly physics when its hit by block and fall. Blocks got rigidbody/collider but are set as "is Kinematic" and animated. Add physics and play with settings, bit more gravity/mass on character some force. Maybe u can block other axis movement/rotation to make jump clean, and activate them just before hit with block. But this approach is not necessary and need few things extra.
  4. Thanks, i will look on this now. I managed to make 2nd part. While i'm checking all neighbors cell while creating blobs, if it is empty- im adding this edge vertices to "edges" collection and then build faces. I think i can use that motorcycle graph on this parts aswell.
  5. Hi, Can anyone point me into good direction how to resolve this? I have flat mesh made from many quads (size 1x1 each) each split into 2 triangles. (made procedural) What i want to achieve is : "merge" small quads into bigger ones (show on picture 01), English is not my mother language and my search got no result... maybe i just form question wrong. i have array[][] where i store "map" information, for now i'm looking for blobs of same value in it -> and then for each position i create 1 quad. and on end create mesh from all. is there any good algorithm for creating mesh between random points on same plane? less triangles better. Or "de-tesselate" this to bigger/less triangles/quads? Also i would like to find "edges" and create "faces" between edge points (picture 02 shows what i want to achieve). No need for whole code, just if someone can point me in good direction would be nice. Thanks
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