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  1. rcrawford115

    Are there "Golden Rules" to Mobile Device UI Design?

    Interesting; I wasn't giving as much thought to how one might be holding their device at any given time. Good thing you pointed it out to me before I messed this step up.
  2. So, I've been browsing around, and I've been looking for some tips on UI design. So far, I just have general tips, like keep things consistent, use the same words for the same or similar things, pick about 2 - 3 fonts at most, don't over use effects (outlines, drop shadows, gradients, etc.), things like that. And all of these things are fantastic advice. I most certainly see the value in making sure that no one makes their menus a complete typographical train wreck, or keeping someone from making a needlessly confusing set of icons. But, what I'm looking for is some advice for mobile devices, specifically. And, I know a lot of advice that you can give me depends on a lot of factors, so I'm going to share a bit of what I'm working on, in order to narrow in on what kind of advice would be helpful. I'm planning on making an RPG of sorts. Of course, I'm making sure to accommodate for the control limitations of the device itself, because, as many of us know, controlling a character with a virtual joystick on an iPhone/Android screen can sometimes have.... inconsistent results. So, as a result of this, there will be a decent portion of menu navigation, and I'm trying to make it as convenient and painless as possible. Only time will tell, but I feel like I have a decent balance of action and menu navigation. Despite that balance, the menus have got to be not only good to look at, but also easy to navigate, preferably as quickly as possible. I'm also making my life just a little bit easier, by making the game play only in horizontal orientation - so I don't have to reconfigure menus for when the phone is held vertically. And, I know a few basic things that probably won't work. Considering the orientation, it would be a bad idea to split the screen horizontally down the middle if I'm going to be displaying any large pictures. For instance, if you were talking to a shopkeeper, it would be unwise to have a text box covering the bottom half of the screen for the player's shopping needs, as it would force the shopkeeper to be rather tiny, and wouldn't provide a lot of space for the player to look at items. But I was wondering if there were any other things that may detract from the experience that I should avoid. Perhaps, some "UI Design faux pas," You may know about. Even if it is obvious, I'd really like to know. And, if you have a link to a guide or article, that's more than welcome. Also, as you might have noticed by the example, I am mostly concerned with layout - where I should put specific things that need to go into the menu. But, if you have any pointers about other visual design, I'd still love to hear it. Because, as it is, I know some things about visual design (having been taking art classes for most of my life) but I'm not entirely sure how it connects to UI design just yet, and if anything could actually end up making my menus look good visually, but impair the overall experience.
  3. rcrawford115

    Subtitle or No Subtitle?

    Yeah, I figured that would be another issue - adding a subtitle could add some confusion, especially if I make another one. Not likely, because what I have in mind is pretty darn self-contained, but... hey, if I can think of a better way to do it, I could keep those stored away... just incase.
  4. rcrawford115

    Subtitle or No Subtitle?

    Well, that being said, I am going for a 16-bit aesthetic.... but what do you mean by an "old timey feel"? I'm not sure I recall a lot of older titles littered with subtitles on their main titles or something....
  5. rcrawford115

    Subtitle or No Subtitle?

    So, I recently started developing a game for iOS, that I'm trying to decide on a title for. I feel like the main title is fine, but I'm having trouble with whether or not I should add a subtitle. For some background, I'm making a rogue-lite game, involving a sword being passed down from generation to generation. I have a somewhat action-oriented combat system in mind, hence making it a rogue-lite, not a rogue-like. The game is going to have a few different parts - standard dungeons, scaled with the current character's level in mind and featuring various enemies found commonly in RPG's, the tavern that acts as a hub for the player where they accept missions, buy/repair equipment, and level up their character. Finally, there will be a large story dungeon that gets impressively difficult, and will handle an actual story progression. It won't be a huge story, but it will be there. The catch is that, even if the player's current character dies, the sword will be picked up again, and retain abilities and upgrades. This is so the player can still progress, but losing a character is still a punishment. And, that's the main point of the game - it's centered around this one sword. That's why I settled on the title "Heirloom" - especially because, after hours of searching, I didn't find a game with this title, and I find it to be a good fit for the concept. But, I was still debating... I feel like it somewhat encapsulates my game's point, but I'm not sure if it's flashy or exciting enough for people to remember it very well. I thought of making a subtitle like "Blood-Stained Lineage" or "Quest of the Cursed Blade" or something along those lines. They're working subtitles and could still use some work, but at the moment I'm less wrestling with what the subtitle should be, and more with whether there should be a subtitle in the first place.
  6. rcrawford115

    Name of the game

    "Labyrinth" could also be a fun word to use in the title. It is basically interchangeable with "Maze" but holds not only a mythological meaning (it often makes people think of Greek Myths) and also may remind people of the cult classic movie, "Labyrinth." But, depending on the tone of the game, you may or may not want to use it. "Labyrinth" is also often thought to be dark and dangerous, where "maze" is a word that a lot of people might associate with a more positive experience. By your use of terminology like "survivors" I was imagining that this would be the mood you were trying to set. It's up to you, but that's just my opinion. Perhaps a title like, "Wander the Labyrinth" would be suitable. Edit: I did want to re-iterate that "Maze Walkers" isn't necessarily a silly title, and reads perfectly well in English. Although, people may associate it with a much more upbeat or happy game, as we also have a phrase that might be associated with the title, "Mall Walkers". It's just something that I immediately thought of, but I am old and younger people may not have heard the term before. As for the word "Walkers" it can hold some horror connotations due to that being what zombies are called in the hit TV show, "The Walking Dead" - so keeping "Walkers" in the title could be a good move in creating a horror atmosphere.
  7. rcrawford115

    How to Implement In-App Purchases on iOS?

    I guess my search was off by one word - implement. I can't believe I didn't think of that. Or "guide" like you searched. Regardless, I'll have to see if there are any tutorials around for StoreKit. If there aren't... well, I'll have to roll up my sleeves and dig in to that documentation so I can make sense of it. Thanks for pointing this out for me.
  8. Oh, yeah, I meant to specify that the app is going to be horizontal-only. After reading some guidelines about putting an app on the app store, I probably will just have to drop it on top of a backdrop to use. Because iOS apps apparently need a start screen, just in case content needs to load or something. But, to clarify, how big would this start screen image need to be to perfectly fit on the iPhone 6 screen? Assuming that the phone is in landscape view, would the image be 1334x705, or 667x375? I guess I'm just having a bit of trouble wrapping my head around the whole "scaled resolution" thing.
  9. So, I'm getting down to what I want my app to be, and I have a pretty great idea of what I want to do with the monetization model for my game. The problem I'm running into is that I have no idea how this would be implemented. I have actually gotten my hands on a book specifically about iOS development for iPad and iPhone, but it really doesn't explain how to add microtransactions into the game. It tells you how to put the game on the app store for a certain price, but when it talks about, as the book terms it, "freemium content" it remains tight-lipped as to how this would actually be implemented. It also doesn't feature any tutorials that I've found for implementing in-app purchases, so it seems that this particular source is a bust. I also have done hours of searching online, and my search results are often bogged down by explanations of how monetization models trick your brain, or why developers are adding so many microtransactions into paid titles - so on and so forth. My search included this forum, and for several pages of search results, most of the threads have a lot to do with optimizing the monetization model, rather than implementing it. I just want to make sure that my code is prepared to handle in-app purchases for when the time comes to implement them. I was just hoping that someone around here knew of some kind of guide, and would be able to point me in the correct direction. Just to make sure I'm being as clear as possible, I wish to include in-app purchases, such as using real money to buy in-game currency, or to buy consumable items. I do not wish to implement advertisements. If you need more specifics, and the process is more complicated than I initially thought, I'd be glad to share any more information, should it be required to answer the question.
  10. So, I'm really going for a 16-bit look... And, I really don't have to tools to work with vector graphics. Unless Krita has it... my program that I'm using probably doesn't.... And I also kind of made a 16-bit logo as a raster... but either way, I guess I should rephrase my initial statement to where it's probably easier to understand. Because, reading it back now, I phrased it rather poorly. The resolution that I'm working in on the document itself (the .xcf, or .psd file if you're using photoshop) doe that resolution matter? Or is that more of a display option for while you're working? For instance, working in a 300 px/inch resolution won't change how it will appear on the end product, would it? OK, so... let's say I my logo is 600x900, and I wanted to use it on iPhone 6 in landscape... would it still fit on the screen, or would it appear to be a 1200x1800 when I try to place it on the screen? I developed the logo (not quite those dimensions) after using a diagram for reference, with pixel measurements.... Anyway, here's to hoping I didn't ruin my logo before I even begin putting the project together. Thanks for the advice, though! I was hoping that I could just make it meant for the iPhone 6/6s, and maybe re-size the assets for a later iPad version. I figure, on a screen as small as an iPhone 4 (which I believe also has a 19:5 aspect ratio) I may not be able to make it look very good just in general... that screen is awfully small. If it's blurry and becomes an issue, I might do a re-vamped version, but I really want to get it working on 6/6s first
  11. Ah, that would make a lot of sense as to how I didn't find anything when I searched the wrong forum. Thanks for putting this in the proper place, and for the advice. I'll have to search this forum - perhaps I'll find my answer and ad a big "SOLVED" to the title of the thread later. Guess it shows how new I am to developing games.
  12. So, I'm trying to make an iOS game, and I was hoping it would be more along the lines of a portfolio project than an actual attempt to be hugely successful. But, then I thought to myself, it's probably better if the project becomes popular. And making a little cash on the side wouldn't be too bad either. So, I started thinking of ways to attempt to promote my game and at least get some people downloading it. Then I realized that I really have nothing to build on. I currently have zero social media presence (I only have a Facebook, and only close friends and family know I even have an account) and no connections. So, I am looking for tips on how to get started. Some people have suggested posting concept art on Instagram or something, but I figured I'd ask around and see if any industry regulars or veterans had any tips that I could do to supplement the launch of the app. As a followup question, how soon should I actually market it, as well? Right now, I have the concept, I know what I want to do with the combat, and I have a logo for the title screen, but that's about it. I figure this very moment is probably a bit early to start trying to generate hype (because by the time I finish the project people will most likely have lost interest) but I really don't know when what I have is "enough" for trying to market it, or how long I should wait. Any suggestions are much appreciated! If there's anything relevant that's missing in this post pertaining to what I have for the project or what resources I have available to me for something like this, feel free to ask! I'd be glad to answer and I'll do my best to respond quickly.
  13. rcrawford115

    Art Program

    I really haven't tried a lot of them, but GIMP has been pretty good for my 2D Art needs for more detailed work, but for classic-style sprites I actually prefer using MS Paint. Anything that's meant to look 32-bit and under, I use MS Paint for. My only gripe is that it doesn't support layers, but it's so lightweight that my aging laptop can still run it without dying from memory leaks (or so I assume they are) and you really don't need every tool that comes in a lot of bigger editing tools like Photoshop and Krita. At least, not when you're doing sprites in a 16-bit or 32-bit style. But, hey, that's just my opinion.
  14. So, I'm currently trying to put a title screen image together for my app, and I wanted to make sure it would be the right size without having to scale it, so it doesn't end up losing resolution or something. But, currently I'm using GIMP for my image manipulation, so I have free range over what kind of resolution I want to work in. Does it matter if I work on a canvas with a resolution of, say, 100 px/inch (for example's sake)? Would that affect the assets when drawn in my mobile app? I wanted to know before starting so that I wouldn't waste hours of my life on this logo, and have it be completely ruined because I'd been working in the wrong resolution. For reference, I'm going for more of a crisp 32-bit style, and I want to make sure it doesn't blur so much. I'm also probably going to be developing for iOS only, with a focus on the iPhone 6.
  15. A bad reputation, I cannot confirm or deny. I do, however, know a handful of students (making my class dip far below their advertised average) that are also having trouble because they also could not land an internship before graduation. The school is also not accredited by any measure that I could find. When I was a dumb teenager looking for a school, I had no idea that schools actually needed to get accredited for this kind of thing - it was actually a more recent revelation to me when I started my job search that accreditation was actually a thing that people look for. All duly noted. I never expected a handout, but I figured it wouldn't be as tough as it turned out to be. I'd heard that employers were a bit of a tough crowd to please, but just how tough is pretty surprising.
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