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  1. Syphon Filter rant

    I've come here to rant on how Syphon Filter Dark Mirror is the best thing ever for the PSP. But wait,...i can't,..cuz its not friggin out here yet. UK's a sh*thol*. That said, i've decided to import it rather than get angry. Few questions: 1.) If I get a US version and attempt to play against UK versions,.. anyone know if there'll be a problem? 2.) Anything else i should look out for?
  2. Snakes on a Sienna Miller video shoot with nude model.
  3. Quick Question

    I just got an N64 console...did they come with SCART or just regular RF cables? I ask because i only got an RF and the quality is bad,...not the graphics,...the display quality. p.s. my tv is fairly new, cant be it, works fine with my ps2/cabe.
  4. Help me fall ill

    dont worry,..i wont jump into anything without researching it first. So if someone does suggest sure,..i'd read up the chemicals and its effects first. I'm sure there HAS to be something of this nature around somewhere. Worst case scenario,..i'll just get really hungover.
  5. Help me fall ill

    1.) Isn't there some household substance i can ingest to be sick for a few hours or even minutes,...say spraying a can of Sure into my mouth. Please keep in mind i just want to be sick,..not die. 2.) Also....if i only just pretend to be sick,...will the doctor catch me out on this? what can i say im feeling? 3.) If i visit hungover but smelling fresh so the doctor doesnt smell anything,..will they catch me out? would this be a good tactic?
  6. Help me fall ill

    Test coming soon. I'm not stupid,...but I know enough to pick my own battles. Three other projects to get done in the same week. Would rather focus on the projects and postpone the test by getting authorisation from a doctor (a sick note). How can I make myself sick for a while (not permanent) Alcohol is out of the question, tolerance surpasses friends that have been drinking years before me, and i think the doctors would know the difference between being ill and being hungover.
  7. In the future

    Quote: Bungie-the best game studio? Are you retarded?
  8. Freeview

    any more takers?
  9. Freeview

    bumpy [Edited by - Access on December 7, 2005 9:12:15 PM]
  10. Freeview

    I'm in the UK. To survive the loneliness of this Christmas till my potential girlfriend returns in January, i'm going to work and watch freeview tv. I have a job. I dont however, have a freeview box. Those in the UK know what this is. Now, I just want a plain old freeview box that will connect to my tv and let me watch these channels: as said on wikipedia. That is, i'm not interested in any extra pay-monthly subscription channels. Just the basics that come with the box. Now, question is, come some are more expensive that others? Besides the subscription channels, dont they all just show the same channels? Thats my main question,..others,..any pitfalls to look out for? Any reccommendations? My tv has a scart if this helps.
  11. Biggest and Best Game Idea...EVER

    Quote: ..bla, bla, island the size of Japan...more bla Quote: Japan is actually a series of islands So he wants each island to be the total size of the islands that form Japan. Nothing wrong with what he said.
  12. MGS4 + PS3 = Game Over

    If Sony was to pursue a strategy as to help Kojima's team in some way finish MGS4 for launch but in an unrushed way,.... so PS3 launches with MGS4, would this not be death for the xbox360? (at least for that month) Not likely to happen, but still,..wat're your opinions? And while not everyone is interested in MGS, just having two of the killer apps (tekken, gran turismo, grand theft auto, resident evil) at launch. It'd be chaos. If i was a manager at Sony, i'd work to see this happen.
  13. x3 the reunion

    X3 the Reunion isnt the xmen sequel game to X2: Xmen United? nooooo!!!
  14. Looking for a new DJ name

    DJ Loader. While we're here please explain to me why there is value in a profession where all you do is play Other people's music. I dont get it. I mean i know someone has to play the music, but why are some DJ's idolised so much. Is there as much skill involved as say a singer or composer.
  15. Hey everyone, let's all fart

    Nice. I wish there were kittens tho. Version 2.0!!