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  1. The title says it all. I am looking for a developer who can create a homebrew game for the Nintendo 64. Why the 64? You might be wondering, why create a new game for a 20 year old console? Any games created wouldn’t have a very large audience, right? Well, there are two sides to that argument. On one side, the N64 isn’t very advanced compared to the new consoles of today. On the other side, the n64 still has a dedicated audience who would love new games. For example, on Kickstarter, a company called Pico Interactive took 40 Winks, an unreleased N64 game, and published it 20 years after the console was released. The kickstarter was a huge success. You might not get rich from a project like this, but you will get recognition. Besides, anyone here who owns or owned an N64 will most likely have memories of Goldeneye, or Mario, and how fun and refreshing the console was. Wouldn't it be fun to make a new game? PM me for details.
  2. hyprstorm

    Nintendo 64 Unnamed Project

    An ambitious project for a 20 year old console. I haven’t really decided what the game will be like. I’m looking for a developer who knows how to home brew for the 64. PM me.
  3. Just a game I’m working on
  4. hyprstorm

    A collection of my art.

    I can’t find out how to shrink them.
  5. hyprstorm

    A collection of my art.

    Here is a sample of my pixel art for games. Sprites, Backgrounds, Animations, Isometric objects, and others. If you need an artist, then PM me!
  6. hyprstorm

    Pixel Artist Looking For Experience

    I have looked a game maker studio, so I might try it out.
  7. hyprstorm

    Pixel Artist Looking For Experience

    I have tried all those things, I just need a game to use them for.
  8. I am looking for an opportunity to do pixel art for games. I will also PM you. Here is some work I have done:
  9. Hello Everyone! My name is HyprStorm and I am looking for experience with pixel art. If you need a pixel artist for a side project or a small game, then I am your guy! (Hopefully...) I would like to work on pixel art for a small project. I don’t need any money or anything, all I’d like is to be stated as one of the Artists. I’m looking for experience in the field. PM me .
  10. hyprstorm

    The Semi-Interesting Adventures Of Me

    Album for The Semi-Interesting Adventures Of Me
  11. hyprstorm

    Nintendo 64 Unnamed Project

    Album for Nintendo 64 Unnamed Project
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