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    Start Up Development Input/Collaboration

    @Guyver: I had a positive rating before this but people (do not know who) felt it was necessary to rate me down from this post. Which was not necessary as I have been quite professional the entire time. @Ellis: Thanks for the advice. If you would look back throughout this post, you will see I in fact went to Tom's website and read his credentials and actually complimented him on his many years in the industry. My question however was on his business development experience or if he had ever founed/run a studio before as his site did not specify. A question he refused to answer. I have actually worked on a business plan before as I developed the current one for Reverie World Studios Inc. And have developed the Executive Overview for this one. But as this post specifies clearly, Im not asking someone to write me a business plan. Im asking for collaboration with experienced executives. To clarify as well, I have had success in getting in touch with people, just not from this site. I have been a member of Gamedev for a long time and unfortunately just dont get around to posting very often, I knew this post wasnt going to attract much and I would be lucky if I was contacted by anyone from this post. However, with my history with Gamedev.net and the raw talent I have seen roaming these boards throughout the years, I felt I should post here anyways. I am currently in early seed talks with several companies and individuals. @Dan: I did not at any point reject the criticism, I simply did what everyone else would have done if they had a response similar to Tom's. Ask them about their level of experience was in the industry they were so vehemently speaking to. Perhaps directly asking them their experience is not the best, however, from what I learned from my old bosses, the direct approach is usually the best. (Not to mention the most effecient.) I would rather hear someones experience from them then read what someone wrote about them on Google. I appreciate all the input guys! Best Regards, Micah Hymer
  2. tribal_warrior

    Start Up Development Input/Collaboration

    I do understand where you are coming from and I was not meaning to sound arrogant or harshly questioning. But the statement of people like Tom you have to admit was sarcastic and critical when they did not have to be. As such, I felt it was necessary to question their experience in the fields to which they were so adament. I appreciate the insight and apologise to anyone who felt I was trying to be harsh. I was simply trying to gauge the credentials of the people who were offering me advice. Best Regards, Micah Hymer
  3. tribal_warrior

    Start Up Development Input/Collaboration

    @jpetrie: "It is unwise to make the assumption that anybody you don't know who is offering advice contrary to what you presumably want to hear must have less experience in a field than you. You are very likely to end up with your foot in your mouth." If you could please point out one instance where I said that? I merely asked the level of experience in which these people with such strong opinions had. If someone tells me vehemently they disagree with a business plan of mine, firstly- I would like to know why, and secondly- if I am smart I would like to know how much previous experience they have for such strong opinions. This is mere logic, my foot has never been close to my mouth. @Joe: "The high risk is in an opportunity cost. Somebody could spend their time working for free and hoping for a paycheck later on, or they could be spending that same time working for money. How do they eat or pay their rent? Basement studios are a group of friends who get together and eat ramen noodles, not professional business ventures." You are forgetting some major elements and apparently missing things I have already said several times. Granted my posts are long so it could be easily missed. This is not people developing a game in a basement. As you are probably aware, collarboration on business design documents is not a full time job, or if it is would be for a very limited full time job. Collaboration can VERY EASILY be worked on with great success for literally just several hours a week, especially if multiple people are collaborating together. Far from the statement you used of "serious danger". I could very easily pour an hour a day in the evenings into a business plan with two other gentleman and have one ready in two weeks or less. Having a previous business plan for Reverie as an outline does help of course. But the point remains the same. NOT a high risk investment in any catergory. "- By your own admission, you are not highly experienced in game business." Yes, there are many, many, many people far superior than I in the game business. Apparently I am the only one to admit this however among this group of professionals. "- You want to start a second studio before your first one has even released a title and proven itself." I would never begin laying the groundwork for a second studio without being 100% confident in the financial stablility of the first. We have multiple deals we can be doing right now with Reverie, it is simply a matter of which. And as I said already, based on my contacts I have already made- I already have investors lined up to review the business plan for the second. I think most questions have been answered multiple times at this point. So if anyone who is qualified and interested would like to ask any other questions, please forward them to the email address at the top of this post. I appreciate all the input guys! Best Regards, Micah Hymer
  4. tribal_warrior

    Start Up Development Input/Collaboration

    @Mike: Thanks for the input! @"frob": You might be surprised by the level of talent I have found rummaging around small boards like these and others. Some extremely talented people have been located from posts similar to this. Granted however, the level of talent I am looking for I might not be able to locate here. I have already posted ads elsewhere but I have always made it a point to make posts similar to this one on forums as it has never ceased to amaze me the level of talent that can be located from it. So you know, there was no conflicting information posted. However, apparently you have misunderstood some listed information so I will do my best to clarify some points for you. 1- I am NOT looking for a "quality team of people". Locating quality employees can be done quite easily. No where in this post do I state I am looking for a "quality team of people". I am looking for individuals looking to collaborate on business development. This was stated several times, you just did not grasp it. 2- I am NOT "turning my back on the talented people at Reverie". If you had a corporation you had founded and you were starting another you WOULD know that you should never mix companies that are meant to be individual and unique from each other. Secondly, you WOULD NOT have the most remote of inclinations to pull away a talented team from the work they are already performing. Clearly- you have joined the ranks with Tom as someone who has lots of advice for start up companies who has never sucessfully started one (let alone is currently operating a thriving game studio). 3- Any true entrepreneur knows that no matter how successful he has become- he is always looking out for new and innovative companies to start or work with. So your comment about "not knowing ANY" who were willing to work with/for someone else leads me to question the number of entrepreneurs you actually know. 4- "That is a VERY risky business venture, and can be expensive. " Yes, quite expensive. The budget currently stands at several million and growing and I already have contacts with both Angel and Venture Capitalists who have ALREADY expressed interest and are waiting quite patiently on me. 4- "You want other people to take the majority of the risk, and you get the majority of the profit." That was a VERY simplistic and uneducated statement frob. Firstly, this is not a high risk investment for someone to collaborate on business development. There is no monetary risk and the time spent in collaboration on business development is not going to be remotely close to any level of "high risk". 5- "Now I think I understand." Clearly that is not the case. But if you do have any further questions, I would be more than happy to address them for you frob. Best Regards, Micah Hymer
  5. tribal_warrior

    Start Up Development Input/Collaboration

    Hey Allan- Granted yes I'm sure Tom maybe flooded with requests from 14 years olds looking to create a MMORPG, for the reasons I have listed several times throughout this post- this is by far not the typical scenario. You have to keep in mind that the more companies you get on board just from meetings and talking basic details before you even begin putting down the official business plan on paper, means it will be much easier to get qualified people on board. In fact lining up experienced developers, designers, producers is quite easy when you have experience and have next generation technology lined up for licensing as well as studios ready for porting, outsourcing and other tasks among many things. However- Im not looking for designers, programmers or producers. Im looking for businessman (visionaries) who are looking for an opportunity to get in at ground level in what will be a large independent studio. Im quite confident that a qualified candidate would be willing to work out an agreement when they looked over the scope of this project and the details already lined up. Best Regards, Micah Hymer
  6. tribal_warrior

    Start Up Development Input/Collaboration

    In an effort to return this post to its original topic- I am sure most questions you may have had about the company were probably answered by Tom's questions and my answers. If you do have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email me or post any questions here. I appreciate your time and consideration! Best Regards, Micah Hymer micah@reverieentertainment.net
  7. tribal_warrior

    Start Up Development Input/Collaboration

    Tom- Your clearly taking this personal and that was not the intention. I appreciate the information you gave off initially and am sorry you were insulted. >"Yes. I am the only person in the universe who thinks it would be stupid for someone with that sort of valuable qualifications to give his valuable services with nothing more than a promise of payment in the hypothetical future. I am most definitely an idiot in this regard, and I most humbly bow out of this conversation now." Clearly you were taking this all personally and Im sorry to see that. I never said you were an idiot or even insinuated as much. As I mentioned previously, I noticed you have had a long career in game development and I am not doubting your intellectual capabilities. >"I assure you, Micah. I have gotten numerous inquiries from "I got no money yet" guys like you. It is most definitely typical, in my experience." I was not doubting for a second that was not a typical scenario for you. I was however saying that this situation was NOT typical for the many reasons I have listed numerous times in this post. You are aware as well as I am that the scenarios you are referring to probably DID NOT have any previous experience in start up and had not already lined up studios all over the world before they even had a business plan on paper. >"P.S. How odd that I'm the only person who's responded to your post thus far... Wonder why that is... Oh, well." Perhaps because they were not qualified or did not have something to mention that would enrich the topic. >"It is most definitely typical, in my experience." Speaking of your experience, I notice you evaded my question as to your experience level in startup. So I will repost it. "Im not familiar with the number of corporations you have founded or that amount of investments you have secured for your corporations so I apologise if I came across as doubtful to your qualifications to start up corporations. I did see that you have many years of experience in the game industry, but I was curious as to your qualifications and experience in start up game development studios." Thanks Tom! Best Regards, Micah Hymer
  8. tribal_warrior

    Start Up Development Input/Collaboration

    Tom- > "Yeah, well, you could try actually contacting qualified parties via telephone." I am of course more than willing to contact qualified parties via telephone after attaining contact details of the said interested parties. But Im not going to put my telephone up here unfortunately. > "Yeah, see, that's what I thought. You're one o' those "work for us now and get paid later" operations. Typical." I assure you Tom. It is far from "Typical." As specified earlier, with my previous experience in founding a game development studio, I have had very little trouble in locating and working out agreements and future arrangements with outsourcing studios, porting studios, liscensing for next generation technology as well as liscensing for administrative programs to increase productivity. These companies have been addressed and lined up BEFORE a penny of investments were lined up. Which brings me to my next point- > "IMO, to reiterate: nobody who can do that will be willing to do it for no money down. It takes money to make money. If you can't pay him, you're not ready to embark on this venture." Im glad you added "IMO" before you stated that comment because that statement was quite untrue and was simply- just your opinion. Granted the bulk of ventures started without capital down before putting together business documents are probably doomed to failure. But not every venture. I can vouch that AAA quality people are willing to work for those rare endeavors before investments are secured. I have done it before and intend to do it again. In fact I already am doing it again. Im not familiar with the number of corporations you have founded or that amount of investments you have secured for your corporations so I apologise if I came across as doubtful to your qualifications to start up corporations. I did see that you have many years of experience in the game industry, but I was curious as to your qualifications and experience in start up game development studios. That was not intended to sound as an insult and I apologise if it was taken that way, I was just merely looking to see how much experience you have in founding and financing game development studios. Best Regards, Micah Hymer
  9. tribal_warrior

    Start Up Development Input/Collaboration

    tsloper: >"You're prepared to pay these parties, right?" As the post said, qualifed/interested parties could inquire about more information. Im not planning on paying people who are seeking more information. Heh, sorry. As for future payments, contracts can be easily arranged to cover the specifics of reimbursement, these can be prepared in advance, but logically when a company is creating business plans and executive overviews they are not paying in advance. Im quite capable of working with both Angel and VC investors and do have a bit of experience doing such- this post however is focused on locating individuals to help develop these business plans, overviews, pro formas etc. >"My favorite part of this is that here in this post you're seeking a bizdev manager (?) yet on your website it says: "Currently there are no open positions. However Reverie World Studios is always looking to fill different positions, covering many different fields. From programming, design, art, animation, business etc." Im looking for possibly an executive level businessman looking for a chance to get in at groundlevel. Not a "bizdev manager". And Reverie World Studios, Inc. is in NO WAY affiliated with this company. Which is why their name was never even mentioned. I appreciate the links and information!
  10. Greetings- This is going to be kind of a unique post seeking information, so please bear with me. I am posting here in search of some input, advice and/or collaboration with people experienced in the development of business related documents (i.e. business plans, executive overviews etc.) for start up companies in the game development industry. Or if anyone knows of a place to look for people experienced in business development for game dev. While Im still considered a relative youngster in years of experience in game development, I started my first indie game development studio in late 2001. That studio is thriving sucessfully today and its first title in development is in the final stages of publishing negotiations and we are expecting a Q1 2007 release of the title in development. I have been working on researching and gathering information for a second studio for the large part of 2006 and I believe I have gathered enough information to begin laying the groundwork for a very unique studio working on an extremely ambitious multi platform premiere title. Due to the sensitivity of the information, I can not post the details in this forum. Believe me, I understand that with holding information in posts seeking help is considered taboo, but what I can tell you is that I have made contact with outsourcing companies, porting companies, technology liscensing companies and administrative IT companies. It is a very unique company concept based very similar to the previous studio I founded in 2001 but is much larger scale. I have also put together a rough projected budget for the project which is however not in Excel format, just numbers researched and estimated in a doc format. I hope you can understand and bear with the fact I can not post specific details in this post. I will be more than happy to discuss particulars to qualified/interested parties. If you are interested in giving input/advice or possible collarboration with a start up studio, please post your contact details below or mail a resume to: micah@reverieentertainment.net I appreciate your time. Any thoughts or initial input on this topic or information on where to get in contact with experienced business developers would be greatly appreciated!
  11. tribal_warrior

    Post screenies of your projects!

    DAWN OF FANTASY Genre: RTS Developer: Reverie World Studios Inc. Links: www.reverieworld.com www.dawnoffantasy.com
  12. tribal_warrior

    Dawn of Fantasy In-Game Trailer

    Yeah the large video is about 70MB, so its pretty hefty. About 2 mins on in game video and a cinematic logo intro. Gamershell.com had about 350 downloads of the high res trailer this morning. Micah Hymer Reverie Entertainment, LLC
  13. tribal_warrior

    Dawn of Fantasy In-Game Trailer

    Reverie Entertainment, LLC is pleased to announce the release the first of several in game trailers for their upcoming RTS game in development "Dawn of Fantasy". The in game trailer can be downloaded in both low and high quality versions. LOW QUALITY: http://dawnoffantasy.com/video/Dof_V1_wmv.avi HIGH QUALITY: http://dawnoffantasy.com/video/Dof_V1_divx.avi Some people may need to download DivX to play the video. Reverie Entertainment Team www.reverieenertainment.com www.dawnoffantasy.com
  14. tribal_warrior

    New Dawn of Fantasy Screenies

    Dawn of Fantasy, an RTS being developed by Reverie Entertainment, LLC has released some new content from the game on their community forums. New screenshots include shots from an Orcish siege on a stronghold of men as well as a never before seen shot of a Dragon. The Community Forum post also has some Q & A about siege in the game as the developers chat with forum members. http://reverieentertainment.net/forums/showthread.php?t=230 Reverie Entertainment, LLC is also promising to release a 2 minute+ in game video within the next week. So stay posted. Micah Hymer Reverie Entertainment, LLC www.reverieentertainment.com www.dawnoffantasy.com
  15. tribal_warrior

    New DAWN OF FANTASY Screenshots!

    Hey guys, thanks again for the warm comments! Micah Hymer Reverie Entertainment, LLC
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