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  1. I'm working on a space game, and I suck at art. I would love to get some help from someone who is more skilled than me. Things I need include modular space ship parts and GUI elements. Nothing too fancy, just functional so I can get a prototype put together. This could potentially become a serious project, but for now this is just a hobby project. In this video, you can see a few things I already completed :2018-02-24 20-08-13.flv2018-02-24 20-08-13.flv
  2. I have been trying to learn the process of game development for a long time. I have mostly done hobby projects so far, nothing serious. In school, I am always that guy who nearly sleeps during class, and still gets an A+ on every assignment. When I started learning how to program, it came very naturally to me, and it wasn't long before I was way ahead of my classes. This is probably because I spend so much of my free time tinkering with things such as Unity, while my classmates just do the bare minimum in order to pass. I can do shaders even, which I have taught myself how to do using tutorials I found online (Catlike Coding ftw). I think one of the main issues I have, however, is that I am not going to have a fancy enough diploma to go where I want to go. I am only going to a community college, and I will only receive an Associates in Programming. Though I feel that I am an advanced programmer who is very capable, I am worried that my degree is lackluster and might be an issue when I am finally graduated and am looking for work. Or maybe, I have only seen the tip of the iceberg so far, and I only THINK that I am good at programming. It could be that there is a lot of stuff I haven't even seen yet, because my education hasn't covered advanced topics. When I graduate at the end of this Summer, I am certain I will get a job of some sort since programmers are in high demand, but I question what sort of job. My goal is to work on video games, probably with graphics or something like that. Am I doomed to never achieving this silly dream of mine? Should I go back to school and get even more education? Or do you think I am good enough to get a job with the skills that I've got?
  3. If you want to incorporate noise into your shaders, the Turbulance Library has you covered. Using code I gathered from this library, I made a cginc file that contains all you need to easily implement noise into your unity shaders. Who knows how this stuff works, but man, does it work well! https://pastebin.com/LLCUpJut Here is an example of what you can create using these noise functions.
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