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  1. I think it compiles well, but it does not link, it may not find the DLL. Does anyone use SDL2 and CLion and have a configuration that works? Where do you put includes, libs and dll? How is your CMakeLists?
  2. I've reading about game/engine initialization both in Game Engine Architecture and Game Coding Complete. I have understood there is a problem with C++ and initialization, because initialization of global variables is non-deterministic, and the order your initialize modules of engine is critic since some modules depends other modules. They explains some approaches to avoid the undefined behavior, but I wonder something. Why must I initialize modules like global variables? Why don't initialize like members of Application object? Maybe last would lead to annoying scope issues, but, why don't initialize in main() scope? Would they have "global" scope in main() and deterministic initialization? Thank you and sorry for my English.
  3. I have seen that directx9 contains libraries that allow working with .fx animation files. Are they still being used, or are there other libraries?
  4. Is it worth paying $ 70 for the fourth edition? I can get the third edition for $ 20 ... Did you like it overall?
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