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  1. perebite

    Short Leash

    Serve a Powerful Galactic Data-Messaging Company This game was made over the course of a year and submitted for Fragment Jam 2019, downloadable for Mac and PC. Downloading the Fragment Pack gives you a bigger file, containing concept art, a prototype (Mac only), and a link to a full playthrough, Downloading the Short Leash (Only) pack gives you the .exe and nothing else. This game uses every key on the keyboard. Press the mouse button to zoom in and out. The space key skips cutscenes. Escape leaves the application. You play as a data transmitter assembling itself across outer space, first in an asteroid belt co-opted by your creators, then tasked with sending messages in a pit filled city, and finally having to disassemble yourself in a place called the Doom Planet. Download here: perebite.itch.io/short-leash
  2. perebite

    Short Leash

    Album for Short Leash
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