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  1. Dev Mandarkk

    Link It Up! | Devlog #1

    Sweet! Im really excited to see your progress in this game. What are your thoughts/prior experiences on level design? I most recently was working on a personal project with puzzle elements/level design and my god it absolutely killed me. My brain cant make puzzles. lol.
  2. Dev Mandarkk

    Link It Up! | Devlog #1

    This looks pretty cool! Whats the tech stack for this? Which engine are you using?
  3. Dev Mandarkk


    Thanks, its really nice to hear some encouragement! I will be writing up the next dev log asap, hopefully sometime today!
  4. Dev Mandarkk


    Thanks for the encouragement!
  5. Dev Mandarkk


    About the project: Lockdown is a first person narrative walking simulator set on a space station orbiting an unknown planet with the aim of terraforming. You are a maintenance engineer on the space station and find yourself waking up in the medical wing only to discover that the entire crew is gone and has seemingly left you behind. A little about me: This is a project of many "firsts" for me: First project where I challenge myself to work in Unreal Engine. First project where I challenge myself to actually write C++ and not code the game entirely in blueprints (Despite the lack of C++ resources). First slightly ambitious project where as my past projects have mostly been idle clicker/endless runner mobile games. First time working in a team for a longer period of time and actually committing to an idea and work on it (Programmer + Artist + Animator). First time starting a devlog about a project I am working on and staying true to it (YouTube as well as here)! The developer logs here will supplement the devlogs on my YouTube: TP3. If you see something you like or if you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to jump in at any time and let me know! I am absolutely excited! See ya!😀
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