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  1. I'm using artemis-odb for my prototype. I have managed to get the "KryoArtemisSerializer" to work and serialize my world (or just a few selected entities). I now want to transmit this data to another peer (I am doing this with Kryonet). The de-serialize is working, the only problem I ran into is, that I can't seem to tell the "WorldSerializationManager" to update my entities instead of always creating them. I use world.getSystem(WorldSerializationManager.class).load(inputstream, SaveFileFormat.class); to load the data from my byte input stream that was created by Kryo. Is there another way to de-serialize the entities and process them manually?! Any insights highly appreciated!!
  2. crmbzy

    algorithm challenge

    I'm currently not near a PC to provide an implementation sample, but take a look at the factorial number system/ lehmer code; that should point you into a pretty common direction to tackle that kind of problem: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Factorial_number_system https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lehmer_code
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