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  1. DRamos97

    VoF prototyping

    It's still in a prototype/concept phase, so I'm not exactly certain on how it will play out. If I were to pick an example, I would say a hybrid of mech and human combat, if that makes sense.
  2. DRamos97

    VoF prototyping

    Haven't posted any blogs before on this site. Currently working on some Veil of Fire animations. I've started this project a while back and it's currently on a third iteration, shifting tone, style, and perspective a bit. Hopefully this time around something will form more consistently with more tools and experience under my belt (If I can call it experience.) As one can see, the poly count is pretty low for a single dev project thus far. I intend for a third-person experience to highlight the dragon aspect of play. I've modeled weapons before, but didn't take into account the different size and biology between humans and dragons. Though they are still bipeds, an AK-47 model probably isn't going to fit well with a dragon's hands (Or deal significant damage.). So I took some liberty in what might make sense. Anyways, that's all for now. I have plenty of personal projects. I might share more here in the future. Thanks for stopping by for this brief post!
  3. DRamos97

    Veil of Fire - Wyrm Warfare

    Album for Veil of Fire - Wyrm Warfare
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