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  1. dozd

    Rail Route

    Rail Route is a rail network management and operations simulation game. You negotiate contracts, build railroads, set up routes for trains and control the traffic. Unlock features to your dispatcher interface, upgrade railway network elements and research new technologies that allow you to automate the operations! Currently, we are in a prototyping phase and we will post updates about the progress of the game development. We would like to hear early feedback from the community so we will release playable prototypes regularly. Follow us: @RailRouteGame Homepage:
  2. dozd

    Automating the Game

    We know that dispatching the same trains again and again in a loop improves your memory. After a while you exactly know where this train is heading without even clicking on it. We also know that this improving of your memory causes a boredom. That’s where an automation can shine! Four of five dispatchers approve. The automation will be a critical part of the game. We want the player to gradually expand from the starting stations towards the other edges of the game plan. But this move is not possible when she has to dispatch same trains over and over. She may need to return after some time to further improve the operations but not to do the basics things again and again. Read more on our blog:
  3. I am happy to announce that we release the fourth demo of Rail Route! We intended it to demonstrate how campaign mode works. You will find yourself operating a small tranquil rail network, facing the challenge to expand it to a vivid center of transportation. What is New Almost everything! Except rails, trains, contracts and basic map layout (Prague, again). From the beginning, you will control manual switches and semaphores. You can expand your network by buying platforms and building rails, but you have to research the control room upgrades to operate more stations. Automated semaphores are helpful component indeed and you can use them after you research and buy them. Read more information on our website: Feedback We deserve your feedback! We would like to steer the game development according to gamer’s needs so we decided to grant a life-time license to end product to everybody who helpfully answers these questions (either by a comment or via e-mail): How much time did you spend playing the game? Which stations did you connect to your network (except Bubny, Dejvice, Docks)? Did you find the game play intuitive from the beginning? Have you had any problems with the understanding of what’s going on? Was it intuitive to you how to receive the incoming trains? Why not? Was it intuitive to control the switches and semaphores? If not, why? Was it intuitive how contracts work? If not, why? Was it intuitive how research works? If not, why? Was it intuitive how building / buying works? If not, why? What did you like the least? What did you like the most? Do you have any idea what we should definitely add into the game? Don't miss this opportunity!
  4. Try the third demo of Rail Route - a rail network simulator! We intended it to demonstrate how contracts work. You will find quite a big rail network inspired by Prague railways to prove your dispatcher skills. Still no building & research (career mode). We hope it will be our next release. Any feedback is more than welcome! Tell us what else would you like to see in the game. Download on our blog:
  5. We mentioned manual routing of the trains in an earlier post. I would like to share some thoughts on this topic. I implemented visual representation of the switches so it’s now visible how they are connected. A player can also change the connections by clicking the switch. Combined with direct control of displayed signals (turn green / red), we have the simplest manual routing mode complete. I played the level from the released prototype in the manual mode and it’s totally different game play. And I liked it. You can try it yourself as I made a special build for you. Note that we did not implement train crash yet ;). Manual routing will be part of the early game in the career mode before the user “unlocks” (through research) automated routing known from first demo. Interlocking In the real world, the routing is seldom as simple as in our implementation. To prevent accidents caused by improper switch configuration there is a system known as interlocking. In short, “an interlocking is designed so that it is impossible to display a signal to proceed unless the route to be used is proven safe (source: wikipedia)”. In terms of our game the player would need to set corresponding switches properly before turning a semaphore green. Then the switches would be locked to prevent any modification until a train passes them. We considered if we wanted to keep our game “railroad accurate” or more like an arcade. We decided to go somewhere in between; to keep the game real as well as entertaining. There was a question why the player would unlock the interlocking that comes with less flexibility (you can’t change some switch when the train is on the move). So we plan to make routing with manual interlocking more comfortable visually. The player will see the route reserved for the train. I will post an update when the manual interlocking is available. Read more on the game blog Try manual routing If you miss our first demo, check it out. Feedback Leave us any feedback you have! We will work hard to deliver awesome rail network simulator ;-).
  6. dozd

    Rail Route - a rail network simulation indie game

    Prototype is available:
  7. dozd

    Rail Route - Demo R0.1 Released!

    I am happy to announce that we release first demo of Rail Route! We have polished our first prototype of train routing and added a simple tutorial. To make it more a game than a prototype we have included short level where you can try your dispatcher skills. You can download it at our blog: Or you if don't want download .exe from the internet we prepared Unity WebGL build: Levels in Future Our vision is that the final game will contain a handful of such levels, some longer, some short (puzzle game / unlock scenario). You will be able to compare your performance with the others (global Top 10 list). We are thinking of tools that enable you to create & share own levels, so you will be able to model your home city railways if you want. These levels will be only one game mode, but the primary game play will be something completely else. Something like career mode where you take care of rail network that you will need to built, upgrade, manage and so on. We will write about it soon! Feedback We would like to hear any feedback from the prototype. So feel free to reach us anywhere :-). What's the best score you can reach?
  8. dozd

    Come play Roguelike Cowboys!

    Nice graphics. If you spent only "few days" on that game, it's pretty cool man
  9. Hello, With my friend we are creating an indie game and would like to hear early feedback from the community. Rail Route is a rail network management and operations simulation game. You negotiate contracts, build railroads, set up routes for trains and control the traffic. Unlock features to your dispatcher interface, upgrade railway network elements and research new technologies that allow you to automate the operations! Planned features: rail network building dynamic traffic contracts research system improve your dispatcher interface research new rail network elements upgrade existing elements unlock automation of the tasks multiple game modes career mode challenge mode puzzle mode in-game editor to create community based levels and scenarios Latest blog post is about routing of the trains. We are currently preparing a playable prototype. We will release it in a week and want to gather as much feedback as possible. Right now just about our ideas but I'll post an update when the prototype is ready. More info can be found at project homepage: Follow us: @RailRouteGame
  10. dozd

    Rail Route

    Album for Rail Route
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