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    Snake 3D Classic Remake

    This was initial a small project for university where I decided to make Snake in 3 dimension. I developed an online mode as well using uNet. After completing the project I decided to make it available for iOS and Android, but only with the single player mode available in version 1. I had a lot of fun while creating the logic (movement around the hole cube ...), but sometimes it was really frustrating as well. Perhaps I will add some other modes in a higher version. In my opinion the game make sense when you've collected some point (40 or more). So you have to be aware of the full snake, also the sometimes not visible parts. But until you've reached the 40 points, it's sometimes a little bit boring. Perhaps anyone here has some ideas how to prevent the boring beginning. Best regards Marvin
  2. marvpaul

    Speed Up 3D

    Still searching for TestFlight Beta testers! Just send me a pm with your Apple ID and I can invite you to TestFlight Beta Speed Up 3D Beginning / idea I just searched for some project ideas and experiment with different game style and game modes. I really like Smash Hit and Boost for iOS, so I decided to develop sth similar but with sth new. The idea was to mix up the two game mechanics so you can throw some balls to destroy or activate things and you can control the players movement. Here are some screenshots from the beginning of the project. Developing version 1 I just started developing different platforms and worlds. There are 6 worlds: Green Orange Blue Violet Colorful Black You'll start in world one and go through each world in a row. I released a first version at the beginning of 2017. Here are some screenshots Big update After some time I realized version 1 was a beginning, but not the end. The game definitely needs some huge improvements regarding music, UI, the world design and all in all the user experience. So I decided to work on a huge update which includes completely redesigned worlds, self composed music and much more. This update is still in progress but a first beta is out not for iOS. Here are some screenshots and a gameplay video as well:
  3. marvpaul

    Speed Up 3D

    Album for Speed Up 3D
  4. marvpaul

    Snake 3D Classic Remake

    Album for Snake 3D Classic Remake
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