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  1. Keith Cooper

    Let's make something amazing

    I was a VFX animator for about 10 years, and was working on an old sci-fi TV show in the early 2000's I took a stab at writing an episode in my spare time, they liked it, and bought it. From there I started writing/directing comedy sketches for youtube. And will ferrell's funny or die asked me to write for them. So that was pretty much that. Made the jump a few years later to full time screenwriter. Hope that helps!
  2. Keith Cooper

    Let's make something amazing

    Thanks so much! And in future, I will post for specific projects, I think that makes a lot of sense too.
  3. Keith Cooper

    Let's make something amazing

    thanks, i appreciate the suggestion. maybe for next time, however I've already had 7 people who seem very talented and eager send me messages to move forward, and we've started figuring out what we want to do. Thanks for the advice! Keith
  4. Hey! I'm a screenwriter by profession, I worked for Will Ferrell's Funny or Die, and sold 20 feature film screenplays. (Not trying to brag, just let you know I'm serious about this) I've written a few video games, and have a bunch more I want to make. I can handle concept, art, design, animation. I need someone who knows how to program. This is not how my brain works, and I don't want to try and learn. I've attached some art that I did for a friend. I did not come up with this game. Just showing some of my art that I did. I have art and games ready to go, but I don't want to include those here, just in case. What I bring to the table. - I was a professional animator for over 15 years. - sold over 23 feature film screenplays - working with Sony on a VR animated show Hopefully I can find someone who likes to work as hard as I do, and get down to making something awesome. Cooper. You can look up my imdb here if you like. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1669597/
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