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  1. joeyondakeys

    New here, have music, feedback much appreciated!

    Ok so for sunriseafterterror, I think the song should come in several seconds sooner after chord press. Here's why: people are impatient and on from one thing to the next. If you don't grab their attention quickly, they'll move on. Even potential employers. The textures and tones are really soothing though. It definitely made me feel at peace. So great job otherwise. And side tip, no one's going to steal your music. It's exceedingly rare for soundtrack music to be stolen. Also, posting your song on soundcloud is a modern form of copywrite. This is because you will have proof that you were the first person to upload the song according to the listed date. And the more sources you post to (such as bancamp, YouTube, etc.) will enforce that even more. I used to be worried about the same thing back in the day before doing extensive research. So, it's extremely advised to upload a high quality version next time. Was there another song you wanted feedback for?
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